Launching game with MS IME cuases instant crash


After launching the game, it will immediately exit if Microsoft IME for Japanese is enabled. 100% reproducible.
Third-party’s IME e.g. Google’s IME and JustSystem’s ATOK might not affect this issue(not tested).

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. setup Windows 10 with English language if need (optional)
  2. Go to Start -> PC settings -> Windows Settings -> Time & Language
  3. Go to Language, then push “Add a language” for adding Japanese language
  4. You will see the language bar on task bar. Select “Japanese - Microsoft IME”.
  5. Launch the game. It will immediately crash, then you will see a dialog window of crash reporter.

Images / Videos: See above

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: N/A

Specifications: 64-bit Windows 10 1809(build #17763.55), Intel Core i7-3820@3.6GHz, 16GB memory, Nvidia GTX 1080