Less stiff and more dynamic character movement (and couple other things to leave in a feedback)


I purchased Gen Zero a day ago, and had been playing it for about 6 hours now, and the most annoying issue I had thus far was with how stiff, and at times, unresponsive character movement is. It seems they’re made to be simple and straightforward, however, that doesn’t seem to be the best option for this game.

For example, if you’re more of a loot goblin and an explorer, such as myself, you’re only bound to get yourself stuck in one place or a corner, or another. And the only way to get yourself out of such a situation, at least one that works so far, is to set an explosive gas tank (which should probably be only called “gas tank”, because nobody in their right mind would keep an item in their housing for their stoves or heating with a name “explosive gas tank”), near yourself, and shoot it until you’re downed and can revive yourself, just so you get unstuck from under a pier or from between bales of hay.

Getting off a bike also is an issue as it doesn’t work properly, making it more of a death trap if you stumble upon enemies somewhere along the way.

That could be solved with more dynamic character movements, such as cliff grabbing, or (but optional), sliding, like how it is done in the game Apex Legends.

Other than that issue, I had noticed that aiming down a scope with some guns, such as shotgun, it is near to impossible to look anywhere else other than straight ahead of yourself. Menu and inventory as well need to be fixed up so that they don’t act like you’re playing it on a console, aka. having preset buttons [Y] and [C] to swap the tabs. There is also an issue with character beign rotated when simply moving your mouse without the right mouse button being touched at all, but that’s just a minor thing.

All in all, that is what I can say for now, and I hope those things get changed up and fixed soon enough, so that the gameplay feels just as right and fitting to it’s world design and graphical side, which is just damn stunning and beautiful.


Nice to hear that you like GZ.

Close range ADS can be an issue and it has been brought up before. Topic here: How to improve GZ as a FPS - Problem 1- Mouse sens in Scopes

Thing is, GZ is made for consoles as well and from there the limitation comes in. Or you can just click on the tab with your mouse.

Almost all FPS games work like that. If i swipe my mouse right, my character looks right. If i swipe my mouse left, my character looks left. I don’t see how this could be an issue.

GZ is not Apex Legends and i don’t see any reason why devs need to “fix” the movement to the one that you are used to in the Apex Legends.

It’s like when i go play Apex Legends and ask Respawn Entertainment (devs of Apex Legend), to “fix” their character movement to the one that i’m used to in GZ.

Movement in GZ is good enough and gets the job done just fine. However, it seems that you forgot that GZ is not an AAA game, like Apex Legends is, and from there comes the difference.

Either that, or Fast Travel to any unlocked safehouse. Or if you don’t want to hike back to where you were, carry a Field Radio with you. Once you get stuck, place the Field Radio and then Fast Travel to Field Radio. 4th option is quitting to Main Menu and then Continuing your game (good when you’re in Combat and can’t Fast Travel).


Thats the reason why I almost never use bikes. I travel to the closest safehouse and walk to the location I want to go to.


What I meant here is not to turn the game into something else, but proposed a feature based off another game as an example only. Because at times, it would be helpful in some situations.

I am refering to the character rotating on it’s own even when not being clicked on or rotated with right mouse click, it’s what is happening on pc.


I understood what you said and i’m saying that almost all first person games on PC work like that. Actually, i don’t know any first person game on PC where you need to hold right mouse button down just to look around. And first person games aren’t overhead RPG games where you can click on your character.


You mean FPS games like Overwatch, Rainbow SIx Siege, Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Call Of Duty Warzone, Team Fortress 2, etc.? Although I agree that clicking and holding Right mouse button instead of Left mouse button is not common for selecting and rotating characters to preview their customization.


Not only First Person Shooter games but other First Person games as well, like: Farming Simulator 17, Farming Simulator 19, Barn Finders, Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Portal, Portal 2, The Talos Principle, The Solus Project, Subnautica, Deus Ex, 7 Days To Die, Rust, Scum etc. <- in all of them, to look around, you need to move your mouse. While left click is usually for action (use item, shoot weapon).

This is completely different thing to what you said earlier. Customization preview, in Inventory view, is done by holding down right mouse button and the moving left-right to rotate the 3D image of an item, e.g AG4 or your own character in the Apparel section (when changing clothes).

What you initially said was:

Which means that when you’re outside of inventory view and look at the world, with weapon your hands. Moving mouse makes your character to look up, down and rotate left and right while right mouse button is for ADS and left mouse button is for fire weapon or use item.


How much I know FPS stands for First Person Shooter, and how much I remember, games like: Farming Simulator 17, Farming Simulator 19, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, are nothing but peaceful and chill simulators.

I believe you missed the entire paragraph I wrote where inventory and menu were mentioned, and how in the said inventory and menu is where this thing is occuring; the “thing” being the feature where character is following the cursor on it’s own, when the Right Mouse Button is not being touched or clicked.

So while in the menu, and in the “Profile” tab, where player’s character can be previewed and customized for the accessories such as head wear, shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, hands, etc., the character, which is on the right side, in it’s interactable window, for the PC, is moving on it’s own, following the cursor and thus rotating as if being previewed, while the Right Mouse Button is not touched at all.

That is what I was implying to.


This is intended feature and gives a bit of “flare” to the game. Though, the movement is so slight and if you hold down right mouse button, you can rotate the 3D model 360.

Some games do have those small touches where something moves slightly in accordance to your mouse or mouse pointer.

From the top of my head: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

When starting the game, there is loading screen with Other Ocean logo:
The pupil of the eye follows the mouse pointer when moving the mouse around. Holding the left mouse button makes the whole fish to rotate counter-clockwise and holding the right mouse button, makes the whole fish rotate clockwise.
It is a nice touch to the loading screen and adds a bit of “flare” but other than that, there is nothing wrong with the game.

Just remembered another such “flare” feature. In the SnowRunner game, and when in outside view, facing front of your vehicle, the driver moves his head to watch you directly as you pan the camera around.

What i don’t get, is why such minuscule effects annoy people.


Personally I would say it’s possibly because of expecting for the character not to move until doing so myself, so that it’s perfectly centered or unmoved from it’s set position or the pose. What would be more accebtable if character made some small gestures or movements if idle for long enough, such as looking over their shoulder, or tapping their foot and such.

With the whole character moving and following the cursor the entire time it’s a growing annoyance to know that it’s off-set and not in a position one expecting it to be in. And at the same time, that constant movement of the character also keeps being a distraction as you keep seeing them move in the corner of your eye, which as well can be a steadily growing frustration.

And what may be a “flare” feature to someone, it does not have to mean it will be the same with everyone else or to the average player. Like for that logo of Other Ocean, it may work and be something interesting, but that’s because it’s only a logo, nobody expects for a logo to be interactable or to be anything more than a simple, static image that represents something. But that is something different in comparison to a game and it’s gameplay, because for the game you need to focus as you want to do something in there, while the logo is a far simpler thing and can be played with as much as one wants while being impressed that it’s not just a flat out simple logo but some extra efforts were put in to either show the users and/or customers that they put effort into everything they make, or just for fun, or possibly other reasons that may be there.


The thing with many video games is, that you will get unexpected movements/events in them. If everything you see in a video game is expected from you beforehand then it wouldn’t make an interesting game now, would it? It would be boring since you’d already know what there is to come.

Perhaps, but the current slight movement is still better than char standing still at all times.

Also, when in Apparel menu and unless you specifically doesn’t move your mouse cursor off the list and all the way to the right of the screen, the char hardly moves. To me, there is no issue to change apparel items since moving mouse up and down doesn’t make char to move at all. And what little i need to move the mouse left-right, to select e.g different colored hat, the char movement is hardly noticeable.

No hard feelings but that implies towards some form of severe OCD. That would explain why things being off-set and not in the expected state being an annoyance.

Getting easily distracted implies towards ADHD. I don’t have ADHD and that small char movement in Apparel menu doesn’t distract me at all nor frustrate me. On the contrary, after first discovering that small feature, i expect it to happen when i move my mouse across the screen.

Average players hardly notice that char movement and even when they do, it doesn’t annoy them. However, people who are sensitive to this, due to their medical condition, can suffer from it.

Another example is warning of flashing lights at the start of the game, since people who are sensitive to it, can have seizures of seeing flashing lights.


I just drop a radio, and warp to a safe house close by.
Helps a ton, really.
But they are heavy… thankfully, not that scarce though.

There is a simple solution for this, go on foot. XD
Seriously though, I never used a bike, so I cannot help you there.

OOOH, good one, I was about to suggest climbing smaller objects like containers or low roofs.

As for cliffhanging/grapping?
That would require a lot of AI.
And graphical parts.
This game is not Apex Legends, after all…
Still, I do get your idea.
Just not practical at this stage of the game.
They need to focus on errors, for one…

I am not sure, I understand this one, but the goal of a scope is… to look straight ahead and focus on a single target?
So, it works, I guess, as intended there?

However, if you mean, you move the aim slow while scoped… that is logical as well.
If your scope was set at 200%, you would not hit a thing.
In real life, one points a weapon rudely on target, then you scope in, shoot, unscope, rudely aim af new target… andsoforth.
It’s not meant to continously be scoped in.

Then again, in Settings, you can speed the AIM up.
Have you tried that, sir?

And here we have an issue, good sir…
See, it NEEDS to be looking as if we, PC dudes and galls, are actually on a console.
Well, the game is ported to consoles, and ALL platforms need to be… the same.
If we had an actual “PC Inventory” then the consolers would be angry, as we have a better system.
Also, IF in time GZ becomes multi-platform gaming… it will bring issues, as the game would be no longer compatible with consoles, sir.

On a different note, but the same subject: you CAN remap the keys in Settings.


When I mentioned this, I didn’t meant entire do-over of the entire menu system, but rather just that the swapping between tabs in the menu is left with clicking on them only, instead of having an additional buttons such as [Y] and [C] or [1] and [2], that’s perfectly understandable for consoles, but however for PC platforms, that’s just nuisance in a way if you’re doing something, and you accidentaly touch either of your buttons, you have to go back to the previous tab and contiune off from where you were previously disrupted by that accidental swap between the tabs. That is what I had in mind when mentioning that.

The aiming is working as intended, however when it comes to zooming in and out while scoped, it’s working in a way that fully scoped zoom lets you aim (while scoped), faster and more freely, while in comparison to one that is zoomed in, you can barely move your aim anywhere, unless you REALLY drag your mouse around. At least that’s how it is for me, regardless of what aim speed is set in settings, and I am playing on PC.

While going on foot is a solid solution to travel and move somewhere, it also can get boring and/or frustrating if it’s some new location that can’t be fast travelled to. And while bicycles are an option, what I have in mind are things such as motor bikes, or something that could be an all-terrain vehicle. And since the game is set in the 80’s, motorcycles could have a side seat/sidecar for a player to sit in and travel along with the driving player. Stuff like that would both make the game more interesting, and less frustrating when it comes to travelling.

It’s only a proposed option which may make the gameplay more open to different tactics on approaching the enemies, such as climbing onto a higher position like container roofs or some buildings. And it could be a way of getting yourself out of some spots that you get stuck on instead of fast travelling back to a radio or safe house, or blowing yourself up.


To be fair, expecting something to be in a certain way in a game is probably preferable, rather than having something done a different way because someone may think it’s a neat thing to implement and it may stand out in a good way. Things like that need to be discussed beforehand with couple of other people to see what they may think about it and if it gets approved of and accepted in general by everyone or by the majority of that group.

I am highly aware of things like that, and I myself am affected by those conditions, which is what I am talking about when it comes to these, altough small things, that they should be taken in consideration so that the diversity of the game’s community is taken care of and satisfied, and not just for a certain group of people.


If that would be true, there wouldn’t be any innovation and different games. All games would be just carbon copies of each other, with the same, boring: mechanics, audio, visuals, story and gameplay.

Here, i have a question for you: Why did you buy and play GZ? Is it because GZ is FPS like Apex Legends is? Or is there some other, different reason? :thinking:

Out of all population, the people who are sensitive to that kind of stimuli are very few in numbers. Moreover, it is impossible to safeguard a video game against ALL different medical conditions out there, else-ways, there wouldn’t be a game in the first place.

If we were to safeguard different medical conditions in GZ, it would go something like this:

  • sensitivity to flashing lights (photosensitive epilepsy) - remove all explosions and gun shot animations (which produce flashing effects)
  • color blindness (achromatopsia) - make all colors pop out and distinct of each other
  • sensitivity to bright light (photophobia) - dim all colors, making game dull
  • sensitivity to loud noises (hyperacusis) - remove interactive sounds, where all sounds are at the same, low level
  • sensitivity to certain sounds (musicogenic epilepsy) - remove all sounds
  • sensitivity to text (reading epilepsy) - remove all text in the game

Looking at that list above, isn’t it weird if all that is applied in a single video game? :thinking: Especially since catering to the needs of the few and disregarding the needs of the many.


Sir, if you like, you can simply delete those.
No one ever said you need them bound…

As I said, sir, you’re just not meant to stay scoped!
Preselect a target, aim crudely, SCOPE, kill, UNSCOPE, preselect next target, aim crudely, SCOPE, kill, UNSCOPE.
Rince and repeat as there are targets.
The SLOW Aim Speed is meant to give you a lot more control.
However, in Settings, one can boost Aim Speed a bit.
But I do not believe it will make that much of a difference, then again, I actually have no clue, as I never touched that.

GOD no spare me!
Unless it’s made realistically, and starting an engine will bring hell upon you.

Sure, a gun shot sounds much harder, right?
But one forgets: it’s a VERY short sound, it is prone to echo and other things, making target location on a gun shot hard.
Engines then, have a continuous sound, thus making it dead easy (pun intended) for the machines to locate you.

The only reason bicycles were introduced, is because people kept asking, while I told the Dev Team it is not a good idea (you’re prone to machines while biking around, unable to defend yourself).
Then there is the lost time putting this in game, that could have been used for far more important things.

And even now, it’s still buggy, from what I understood.

The game was not meant to have transport, and I truly hope, they will not implement it.
It is TOTALLY optional (IE: When i toggle it off, I want absolutely NOTHING in game that is vehicle).
One can toggle bicycles off, but that just does not do a darn thing: I have the stables still ingame, the compass markers for it, I find bicycles in machines (a spot lost that might have had a weapon or attachment, or a piece of clothing).
And it frustrates me…

Alas, it’s there, so… I just have to do my best to ignore it.

I fully agree here.
I expected a survival game, but it turned out to be a whack-a-Mole.
Still, it’s enjoyable, not what I expected, but it ain’t too bad.

Thank God, I do not suffer from that type of OCD.

Yep, I do got it… I admit…
Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…


You actually can’t, not through settings, or in the menu, unless I had somehow missed it, but I doubt that

Again, all of the mentioned and proposed possible features, content, changes to the game, or mechanics are just that, only proposed possiblities that could be at least taken in consideration for implementation or for any sort of new ideas for the future.


No offense, but just because something is different, it doesn’t mean it’s better. You still need opinions from a group of people who would give feedback and critical thinking on any suggested and proposed subjects. Otherwise there’s no point in it if people will be given something whether it’s a good thing or not, just because one likes it.

So you’re saying there are no such warnings for Generation Zero?


And same goes vice-versa, just because it’s the same doesn’t mean it’s good.

The concept of GZ wasn’t made because players asked for it. It was made because devs liked it.

On that note, can you tell me a game where player community first asked for a game and development team made a game based on what people asked for (excluding sequels)?

Most of what i listed doesn’t have a warning for them. What there is, is:

  1. Seizure warning, motion sickness etc.
    In rare instances, some users may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain light patterns or backgrounds on a video monitor or virtual reality headset may induce an epileptic seizure, motion sickness even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. Avalanche Studios takes no responsibility for such effects and end results and you are accessing and playing the Game on your own risk. Nor does Avalanche Studios take any responsibility for motion sickness, any balance problem that may occur from the playing of the Game etc.

Source: https://generationzero.com/en/eula


%USERPROFILE% \ Documents \Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\ Saves \USER ID
Delete all there.

ONLY if TOTALLY optional… otherwise no thank you, sir.
I extremely dislike any form of transportation in GZ.
It just does not fit the general feeling or intend of the game.