Letter from the Team - October 30th

Happy Friday! This weeks letter from the Team is not a letter, its a video! So take a look at what Paul has to say in our tweet below and tell us what you think!

Happy Halloween!



I would have preferred something written, not all the world speaks English!

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Guess you’ll have to wait and see, like the rest of us.

Of course, for now, I’m hunting some werewolves at The Hunter Classic :wink:

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Some charitable soul to translate the video into Spanish? or at least that I transcribe it here in English and that google translator does that job

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When does the patch come out then for ps4? on November 5, no

I wrote out the spoken text. So you can use it with Google translate..

"Hi everyone! Paul from Gen Zero team here. Great news!

Earlier this week we have talked about how we were going to get certification for our latest update, including FNIX rising on PlayStation 4. I’m very happy to say that we finally cleared that hurdle, and the update will be coming to you on November 5th.
We said it before, we really apologize for the delay and we really appreciate everybody sticking with us.

It’s been a long road of us trying to figure out, and work our way through these networking issues. But we finally made it, we’re finally here, big update coming out soon.

On the Xbox side of things, we know people have had some crash problems. This update will have some fixes for those players.
But for everybody, this new update will have some new content to the game, some new things that we we’re going to be teasing out in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes open for that. And lastly, a little bit fun starts today. There’s going to be a little mini-Halloween event that we’re running in the game where you can start getting some unique outfits off of machine drops. So get out there and start hunting down those machines!

Excited that this update will be coming out to you next week and we hope to get a lot of your feedback and start going forward from there. So thank you very much and we’ll talk soon. Bye!"


new event out now go grab some loot providing you dont play on xbox that is because it crashes every 5mins

Kill enemies get special loot and crash, rinse and repeat…simple

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@bulletmagnet, I’ve edited your post. Please keep a civil and respectable tone when commenting on the forums, even if you’re frustrated at the current issues. That goes for everybody.


Halloween event does not seem to work. Have played for two nights now a couple hours each killing 150+ foes including tanks, harvesters, runners, etc with no drops of any kind related to Halloween. I am using Xbox 1. Is this something related to the crash problem we are all experiencing on Xbox?

Nope. Every platform has the same problem. No Halloween drops. There is a topic on this forum.

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