***List of glitched trophies/achievements [PS4/XBOX]***

Great. Mods need to acknowledge this

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If there are any mods about, this topic deserves a pin.

Please fix thanks :slight_smile:

I ve played the game a lot, lvl 28 and still dont have any trophies…

Had best include the Sniper achievement, multiple 300M+ kills and nada

Yes I do like the destroy from a distance (even if I am using the original sporting rifle and the initial assault rifle (with barrel extension))

It’d be great if Avalanche could at least mark this as acknowledged, especially in light of the patch that’s coming this week.

I also can’t unlock Achievements on Xbox One for the following:

  • Creation of a second character (though I’ve got the Achievement for having specialisations on two)
  • 100% collection of all Garden Gnomes

I agree, that’s why I’ve been bumping this thread almost everyday…

Please fix please ps4 player

I played SO much and love the game. I haven’t played since the first patch as I’ve heard it’s made the game worse. I can deal with most issues but as a trophy whore I can’t invest more time into the game when there are so many trophies that don’t Pop. Please fix!


5 trophies left, 3 broken. Almost to the finish line!!!

All trophies are fixed for PS4!!! Yay!!!

PS: In order to earn The Final Countdown trophy you must complete all main in game missions as well as all DLC main missions, after doing this I earned the trophy after successfully completing The Resistance when I finished up redoing the Lost And Found mission. I figured out Fashionista as well. I uploaded my save to online storage, deleted save data from my PS4, then started my account from scratch and spent 6 hours farming 200 apparel. It’s a pain but it’s manageable.

I have the one shot issue too, when will the adress this? Great list btw!

Xbox One Garden Gnomes issue. I collected all garden gnomes using a video for their location. When I finished I didn’t get the achievement, looked at in game list and shows missing one. Figured out it is the Green Plumber Gnome. Went to the location and I did pick it up upon my first visit there as I recognized the location. When I got to the exact location the gnome sits he was not there.

I would suggest 2 possible things.

Either it’s been picked up previously by someone else in your game, however - there may be a way to obtain it.

Head back to starting location of the game - Quit out and create a new character - and load game back to said starting pointing head back to the missing green gnome.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately your suggestion didn’t work. The very first time I went to the gnomes location he was there and I picked him up. The game didn’t register that I picked him up apparently because he isn’t in my list and is not at the location. Also the distance traveled achievement is glitched like so many other people. Achievement issues are the only negative things I have to say about this game. Really enjoyed it.

Care to screenshot your gnome collection and put it here?

Yup, that’s the Green Plumber Gnome and he is located in Österviks Industriomrade (597, -505):