Location based Loot


I traveled alot in the Game from South to West from West North from North to South and elsewhere…

I find the Current Loot System is just weird and hihghly Time consuming…
you go into a Hous found a Box with a Grenades, you go to a car and found a Box with a Cloth and it takes Couple of Hours to find something what you really need,
like i have to much Medi Kits now i need more Ammo, Im simply being forced to run through each House and Car to find what i really need.

my proposal is to change the Random Loot in Location based Loot
-Ammo and Attachments can be found mostly in Cars and Standby Warehouse.
-Weapons can be found only in Standby Warehouse.
-Grenades and Mines can be found only in Standby Warehouse.
-Cloth can be found only in Residential Building.
-Resources can be found only in Barn.
-Medi Kits and Syringe can be found in Cars, Standby Warehouse and Residential Building.
-Explosive Container and Compressed Air Container can be found only in Barns and Standby
-Carbattery can be found only in Cars and Barns.
-Emergency Signal Torch and sticky emergency signal torch can be found in Barns, Standby Warehous
and Cars.
-Firecrackers can be found everywhere.
-Radio and Ghotteblaster can be found in Cars, Barns and Residential Building.

And, if you dont Mind.
Rework Loot Crates, based on which stuff will be inside.
-Weapon Box(Storage Box Size) for all Weapons, Grenades, Mines etc.
-Ammo Box for all Ammo sorts.
-Medi Kit Box for Medis and Syringe.
-Suitcase for Clothing

Give also the Player the Chance to Decide where to go next when you need something.


What do you mean?

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to find an explosive tank in a kids backpack in their bedroom


This is already ALMOST how it works. Certain containers have higher chances of containing certain loot than others, for example you’ll find a lot of health kits and lockpicks in the colorful tin boxes that are round on the top. Also, the area you’re in affects the type of loot containers you’ll find, for example a military base will have lots of ammo boxes and weapon crates.
I don’t think making loot absolutely only available to certain sources would be a good idea, as you sometimes can go a long time without encountering a certain type of container


I’m quite content knowing the green boxes with the exclamation mark is attack based gear.

Everything else is gravy. You’ll go insane trying to find specific gear - best off learning gear hotspots and do a few run throughs.


We already have a system where different loot bags/boxes hold different loot.

I listed them all here: Separate loot boxes/containers for certain stuff

Once you know what each of them contains, you can skip the ones you don’t need while going after the ones you’d like.