Mainland and army

Someone tried to count the number of aircraft in the game, there are at least 40, maybe more, what we know is that most of the pilots didn´t even had time to get to the plane, they were exterminated.
And any fighters on the air were destroyed.
So you have to stop thinking of it as a outside invasion by humans.
If that was the case Sweden could defend itself at least for a while.

An AI can outsmart any human Nation, the lack of morals, stress, need for sleep and the speed of the attack is very difficult to withstand, specially if it´s from the inside.

where brouht to Musköbasen or karlskrona and they are Swedens biggest naval bases

This means those bases are now lost, if by any chance other shipments were sent to the biggest army and air force bases they could be lost to FNIX too.

And about construction, FNIX is a learning AI, there is reason to believe other machines exist that serve as builders and anti aircraft platforms.
So things don´t look good, it all depends if the machines shipped for the mainland were activated or not, that makes the difference between half of the country occupied or not.

well i am not thinking of it as an invasion from the outside, i have played the game since launch so i know the story, but i mean the mainland sweden maybe isnt invaded so we could fire artillery, airstrikes, missle strikes and other stuff at östertörn and i have bad english bc i am swedish. but i agree about that the machines are better at fighting, actually i agree with all you say it is just that i think we missunderstod each other. And yeah maybe there is some hunter with a radar so it can be like a lufvärnsrobot (Anti air robot)

In simple terms.
If many machines got activated in the Mainland that means many military bases have been neutralized by FNIX.
If that did not happen then it´s only Osterton.

Do we know what’s going on outside of Östertörn since the Cataclysm ?

Are the machines contained to the islands ?

Why are there no reinforcements or relief efforts ?

How does the border between Östertörn and the mainland look like from the other side ?

What are the Soviets and NATO up to ?

How much about the events is known to the public ?

And so on
So many questions and so much to speculate about…

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@Fraeddy, feel free to read the topic above and if you have questions left, i’m happy to discuss the lore of GZ.

My opinion is that the world is okay, it is just östertörn that is under attack, but it is the devs to choose

I think that because the machines are not immortal and we humans have weapons, and when we ecounter something hard to fight then we will overcome it

In the game, FNIX says otherwise, namely: “I am the evolved version of you, and you constantly spur me to greater heights. But in the end, you cannot last forever.”

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As ex military i very much enjoy the military lore in GZ with that said no matter what country we talking about i sadly know what fate the island have in eyes of Mainland High Command:

After been wiped out and been both on defensive and offensive the troops based on the island are gone to guerrila fighting with NATO airdrop wich as Stalingrad shown is insufficiant to supply a army but i get out of track here, There is simply and this is the harsh reality no point to send any task force or make a landing when with bridge destroyed and the enemy contained survivor or not i don’t see any commander sane to risking soldiers live for a little number of civillian.

as for NATO no point to send any task force if the enemy is contained and not on mainland or menacing their position in europe, Airdrop from the US is more imo shown as a political move to show swedish gov that their not stand far back and doing nothing.

As for soviet they have only for interest there to capture technology and that it counting the fact that at the years the game taking plac USSR is living their last days i don’t see with the chaos raging among the entire East Block any point for them to risking anything else than conducting covert ops.

If mainland is confirmed invaded then we go for a NATO deployment for sure.


then dont forget that in the cold war the swedish military was strong, we for an example had the worlds 4th biggest airforce, but like i said it is the devs that decide what happens to the world in GZ

I agree the swedish airforce in 80’s was among the strongest one the same goes for training quality.

But in my opinion it’s a little things but the Srv 103 been made to be operated by 1 crew member in emergency perhaps we can hope in future have ability use some with limitation but in general swedish army is know for it’s defensive capability something that in game is not really realistic is the fact that most of knocked out Strv 103 are rarely use on defensive as they should be and the MBT been designed for such task i can understand among chaos and exhausted crew that mistake and suicide attack are made Eg: Near the Mullvadsberget Tunnel you can see a desperate armoured attack with Strv thrown as stop gap wish make sense imo.

With that said the fact FNIX have make a no fly zone it’s suicidal attempting any airstrike air drop can be doable at high altitude but for the Draken it’s well shown what fate pilot and their plane have if they dare try.