Map Zooming is Very Jerky



Zooming in and out of the map on PS4 results in very jerky zooming and low res textures until the machine ‘catches up’. Is there anything that can be done about this to improve performance and give a smooth zoom? Is it like this on other platforms?
It’s not game breaking, but it is very annoying.


I am on PS4 as well, only issue I have is that the map will sometimes clip black lines thick and thin across the screen and goes away when it catches up(won’t do it again until I play again).

I do however like the jerkiness of the zoom feature and I do believe that is a feature not a bug.


In GZ, map zoom has always been by notches, rather than smooth zoom in/out. So, this is intended feature.

As far as making the zoom better, i don’t know if you can change graphical settings on PS4. If you could, you could lower the performance load on your PS4, to make it load faster when zooming in/out.

Also, here’s a guide to optimize your PS4 to run better,

But what would help the most, is replacing the slow read/write HDD with fast read/write SSD. I have my GZ installed on ultra fast read/write M.2 NVMe SSD (PC user here) and have no issues what-so-ever regarding map zoom in/out.