Matchmaking System is Garbage


Your Matchmaking System isn’t good. I just tried to join a Game with the player CrowPerson and was asked by them, " Is the Loot Clientside?". I asked what they meant, making the assumption, but not sure, that they were worried other players could take their Loot. But instead of clarifying themselves they kicked me from their Game. I have been trying to join other players Games for an Hour and this crap Matchmaking System keeps putting me in this Players Game and they keep instakicking me. Your System is allowing Trolls to troll, fix your stuff Game.


If you’re playing on PS4 my PSN name is michaeld and don’t mind playing a co-op game the way it’s supposed to be played. I’m EST.


Matchmaking system is still not good. I log into a Multiplayer Match only to find an AFK Host ( and this is common ). I leave and retry a Multiplayer Game and get sent right back into the AFK Players Game over and over again. I have spent entire Nights unable to play Multiplayer because your bad Matchmaking System keeps sending me into AFK/same players Match over and over again.
You need to give Players the option to kick/deselect a Hosts Game so they can get to try a New Hosts Game.


I agree that it can be frustrating to be put into the same host’s game over and over.

What happens is that the game has “anyone can join” as default. While some folks who dont want just anyone to join don’t change this setting to “invitation only” (which they should).

Instead they keep on kicking people off time and time again.

The game seems to start from a blank slate each time you look for a host which means it doesn’t remember what server you were connected with last.

It should definitely have some “look for new host” functionality BUT the times it happened for me I just waited for a few minutes until I looked for a host again, and thus found other people to play with.


Hey Robo as stated above the game is set to default that people can join and some people may not realize this, I sure didn’t when I first started and end up kicking players who join. This system for sure could have some improvement. In the mean time feel free to join the official Generation Zero Discord as there is lots of awesome people to play with and you can hop in a voice chat. I’ve also moved your topic to the correct section so it can be viewed by the appropriate Generation Zero staff.


This is what I see most of the time today.

This message is displayed right after clicking on FIND GAME.

And now “Who can join” defaults to “Invite only” EVERY TIME game is restarted. Why can’t it remember those settings?


oh they defaulted to invite only? i thought it was remembering my settings.
so now instead of people joining matches where the person forgot to change it and immediately being kicked, you just won’t find a match. this must be why the devs had it set that way to begin with


On the plus side, instead of “fixing” the option to set invite only or open to anyone as per a player’s preference, they’ve just switched the default to “invite only” now. Every time you restart the game, it goes back to that default choice.

So now you’ll have even fewer open games to join in with. So joining a random game with the host idling afk to reset the loot timers won’t happen any more.


OK, now it defaults to “Anybody” :+1:

Update: 26,06,2019 22:38
At the moment I get only the “Matchmaking timeout” message whenever I try to join a game.


And again… it defaults to “Invite Only” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: