May 25:th is soon upon us, and no towel

If I had a towel in game I’d be able to use if for camoflage, a sail, for base jumping, as a makeshiift gas cover wrapped around my head, as a distress signal when waved around, to sleep on, to dry off with for after when I stumbled into some water.

I do realise a towel would make the character massivly op. But one can dream.


why whould you use a towel as camoflauge when there is military equipent lying around that is better

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While current real life date is getting closer to the summer, in-game, we do not have the same date. Depending on which region you are, date in-game is either in the middle of winter or early spring (due to the time paradox).

About that;

Camouflage on a weapon should not make you, as a whole, less visible to the machines. It only makes the weapon itself harder to spot for human eye. But the weapon operator is still at the same level of visibility.
And when to consider the machine optics, where machines use either Low Light, IR or OPV to see you, it doesn’t matter which color your weapon is, since camo doesn’t have any effect on visibility reduction on machine optics standpoint.

Do the semla in the game follow ingame time or irl time tho?

Semla is an event item and has been enabled to follow real life event, e.g Fettisdagen.