Message in a bottle?

So I downloaded the latest update (which I’m having a ton of fun with) but I found they added a section for Messages in a bottle to the Challenge tree. Is this a new collectable? I tried googling and searching the forum for guides or information but found almost nothing. How does one get these?

Yes it is new collectibles. So far I’ve found 2. You’ll have to search for them.

As said above, it’s collectable.

It looks like so:

Hey, thanks guys! I was actually wondering about the Signs of a Resistance thing, what that was, so that explains it. Guess I’ll have to go hunting!

With question answered, i’ll lock this topic.


Here are all Messages in the Bottle screenshot locations, for anyone who has trouble finding them. In no particular order. Also, my screens can also be used to add their locations in GZ Wiki.

Messages in the bottle (click here to view)