Military Tank's mortar's AoE is unusually large than other machine's mortar weapons - Intended or not?

Can you please check the AoE hurt radius of the Military Tank’s mortar? No matter how many times I tried to outrun its initial blast area it after it fired, I still keep getting hit by it. I reacted within around 0.3 seconds when it fired but no matter how I fast I was, again, I still get hit after 1 second delay away from the blast, chipping like 30% of my health.

I noticed the Mil’ Tank’s mortar’s radius is larger than the Harvester’s mortar battery and the Apoc Hunter’s cluster mortar. When I noticed their ‘safe’ radiuses aren’t hittable and instantaneous as the Mil’ Tank’s mortar, I’m under the impression the devs did not design it this way, because of how the other mortars work.

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It is sort of heavy mortar. Yes, blast radius is ridiculous, compared to other artillery, not impossible to outrun or even outsmart. If you know how to cover from Reaper’s thermobarric blast, same trick works here.
About outsmarting, you should learn specific groans and clanks that telegraphing launch. This groan signals that “target acquired” and will send shell to the point where it locked on. It predict it’s target path and will try to lead the target around 3 seconds before locking on. Clue would be that it’s turret with mortar still present would aim slightly off you when you move. Run in one direction, wait for lock on groan, then run in opposite direction. You can confuse it: for better demonstration, find alone mil tank (fields next to Vallinge church, west Farmlands is best bet), shoot off it’s MG, stay one step away off it’s melee blast radius, then strafe left-right on one place and watch it’s turret.


I think the mortar is bugged anyway. Sometimes the blast goes through walls, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes you can stand right beside the impact and get no damage at all.

Nevertheless running away is usually the best option. But you need a mostly flat surface without too many obstacles (the char loves to get caught on anything).

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Yup the mortar is something i have had problems with aswell. that’s why i hate fighting mil tanks cus their mortar feels cheap. Always gets clipped by some delayed damage even though i run away as soon as I can. Idk if it’s intended or not but it’s really annoying

Is it a problem coming from a new update? Because I dont remember that it would be difficult to avoid damage.

Btw do they still fire in the wrong direction?
The mortar points towards you (horizontally) but it fires towards the sky (vertically) through its own body.

No, it was like that for a long time (if not since beginning).

Yes, they still do.

The groan is also a telegraphable? I see. I’ll try to keep that in mind, provided my gunshots doesn’t drown out that “groan.”

I’m playing on the normal difficulty. I may end up taking around 30-40% damage, but that’s around that range when I get that delayed damage from the Mil’ Tank’s mortar blast.

Yes, as much I don’t want to be disrespectful to devs assigned for AI, it is all repetitive and rather limited. It follows argorhytm with those weird one second pauses, which are makes machines so easy to read and manipulate. Also these stops are great help for high-skill guns such as bolt-actions or revolvers.

Don’t shoot then. Watch, listen, observe, learn.
Then torment hell out of them! @www@

I only rly tend to get damaged from the mortar if i have low fps, like around 20 and below. However u can consistently out-run the aoe when it indicates that it is about to attack by sprinting away when it makes its mortar firing noise.

Trust me, once u start running once it starts to fire its mortar, with around 30 fps and above, u rarely take damage, and even then its only rly because of human error like u started a bit too late. Or bad fps.

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