Missing weapon behind bar

I have found all the weapons in the game accept for one at the Linder bar after ski behind the bar anyone else have this issue?

Any additional info where that is located? Since i can’t recall any POI of that name. E.g it’s on Himfjäll? If so, what are the nearest POIs?

Pretty sure it’s an actual POI. Linderbar After Ski (or something similar) to the south east of the Björntunet Hotel.

It’s a shotgun that should be behind the bar. I remember picking it up but it shows 0/1 weapons at that location now.

But tbh, nearly all of my collectibles are missing (I.e. show 0/1) on Himfjäll despite having collected them all. I’ve long since given up hope of them fixing collectibles / weapon counters. (See Averholm Manor after the latest update)

Not just me then it’s a little disappointing as that weapon is the only thing keeping me from 100% completion in the game


Oh that loc.

In that case, i posted it’s weapon loc here: For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers**** and it’s not shotty but instead 2* .243.

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I too are missing this rifle and it’s stopping me from completing %100 of the map. Says 0/1 weapons but there is no weapon behind the bar.

the bar owner came back for his weapon, maybe that’s why it’s no longer there, it might be one of the people staying at the hotel

I just went into my second world with my second character to confirm if the weapon is indeed not there. In this 2nd world I never picked up weapons or collectables just for cases like this. So I can always go to the problem location to see if weapons or other collectables have been given a new location. But that is not the case here. It is still on the same spot.

As for how it can happen that the weapon for you isn’t there, I don’t know. I am guessing a multiplayer thing, where you picked it up while you were no host, and later in you own world the game knows you picked it up but your map info is not appropriately updated. So it still shows 0/1 weapon to find.

it’s not there for me either, it’s never been there for me either, but I don’t let it bother me, :slightly_smiling_face:, i still enjoy the game regardless to these hic-ups, but who knows, the one standing guard at the hotel holding a gun might be the owner of that bar

thats a good theory a really good theory and it does make sense other than normally your world isn’t affected when playing in someone else’s world just the character but there have been bugs before i’ve noticed where i claimed a safehouse on my character on a friends world and it was somehow unlocked on my world when i loaded into it later on so yea if collectable and weapon pickups are stored on the character and not the world this could be the issue

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