(Mission objective stuck) FNIX Rising - Side Mission: Fighting the Future

Platform: PS4

Description: Completed Ängnäsberg data center steps (Destroy machines, plant explosive, leave, wait for explosion) Went to Säveredsberg data center for the second part, but it only showed the “leave” step. Followed marker to leave, step changed to “wait”, but nothing is happening. Säveredsberg data core appears damaged, but I do not recall completing any portion of this locations steps.

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown

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Host or Client: N/A

Players in your game: Solo

Specifications: PS4 Pro

The fighting the future side mission is bugged and I can’t finish it

Bugged in exactly as how? :thinking:

Also, here is the guide for that mission, that might help you: Guide: "FNIX Rising" side missions

I get to the second “wait for the explosion” both locations have exploded but the side mission won’t complete

Once the 2nd location explodes, a rival is spawned in that needs to be destroyed for mission completion. I guess the mission hangs at that point and can’t advance due to this.

Same issue topics merged.


Yeah my rival never spawned so I wonder if I help a newer player do this if it will clear up or potentially lock their mission up as well

Hard to say.

Though, in the past, when people have had their missions locked in one state or another, MP game has helped to get the mission unstuck and also to be completed. I, personally, have helped numerous people to advance their missions. Of course, this “trick” doesn’t work always.