Moonlight strobe light effect- xbox

Does anyone else have issues when there is a lot of moonlight? On Xbox one I am having a lot of strobe lighting of shadows and it makes it very annoying. I love the game and am still enjoying my playthrough, but the strobe lights make it to where I prefer to wait until daytime. I took a video of it but can’t figure out where to send it.


My first reccomendation is to repost this as a bug and not Feedback/Feature request.
Anyways, nah I havent seen that. What were you doing before it started happening? Im curious.

there is alot of shadows that pass over the ground at night time from the moon reflection , and it can go quite fast also , as it renders the shadows of trees and landscape also. im not sure if this is the same issue you are talking of, but i have notice performance drops when it happens.

Pc’s i can say probably as there are so many configuration’s of model’s and spec’s , But a Console is a bit strange eh , i have found one other like yourself with strobe lighting at night , maybe your HDMI needs pushing back in properly , if not check you have not adjusted your tv remote by accidentally pressing The picture enhancement button , one final check of xbox hdmi or RGB cable in xbox setting’s , if not these thing’s and you fail to find anyone with same symptom’s , maybe your GPU on xbox is faulty which is rare , any how HERE is a link with one user with same problem , fill your report here :point_right: Forest lighting flickering (evening and night) , click here for step’s on how to make bug report :point_right: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report cheer’s goodluck :+1: