More Item Slots, By Double Pressing Key

I would love to have 8 or even possibly 12 item slots available simply by double or triple pressing the corresponding item slot key or button. I say button because I’m an XB1X player and our items are on the D-pad.I’ve seen similar item usage mechanics in other games and it seems to work out quite well.

This game can get hectic and you’re really limited to what you have in you’re slots when you begin a fight, because you wont have time to change anything out while fighting. Which in turn sort of limits how you will play.

For example say you want to set a trap, its a lot of pausing, unpausing, equipping items just to set things down, then reequip the items you want to use for the fight. And if you run out then you just have a blank spot in your inventory. This game has a lot of great items that lend to a host of great strategies, though often i feel very limited in what i can do at any given time.

Still throughly enjoying the game though and will continue to do so. Hope everyone is well.

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