More things to Survival

Hi there. Nice game. Good combat, beautiful map and awesome music and sound. But I think survival aspect of the game could use more meat in the future. I think the game could benefit with hunger and thirst. Right now I barely loot houses cause if I’m good on ammo and medkits, stims etc then I don’t see the need. If the player had hunger and thirst then that would definitely change. Not only fear the robots, but your basic human needs also… You have a wonderful dynamic weather system. I think cold and wetness should have an impact. If it rains then perhaps you would need to find a barn, house or some kind of shelter to get dry. When snowing maybe you would get cold or something, clothes could help on that. The map is huge! So perhaps have some vehicles you could find. Maybe they need gas… Anyway this was a few ideas. I think you have a very solid foundation, but for a guy who have played MANY survival games, I was actually a bit disappointed to see basics like hunger and thirst wasn’t in the game. People in the 80’s still had to eat, right :wink: But yeah hope you will consider this feedback in the future maybe. I am aware some would probably not want this but then maybe there could be different game modes. Classic mode like what we got now. And realism mode with added survival elements like hunger and thirst, etc etc. thank you


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