[Mostly XBOX One X, Some PC Multiplayer] My Beta Bug Report



  • During my time playing, I had three hard crashes on the XBOX One X I was playing on resulting in the system shutting down. Most of these happened after a few hours of gameplay. Generally the screen would freeze a few seconds, audio loop, XBOX chime power-off noise, and shutdown. Once this happened during a multiplayer game where we were taking on the big bot (Tank). Another time it happened when I was looting a weapon box in a house in Salthamm. And the final time it happened at the end of the beta (possibly the beta just went offline, though it still shouldn’t result in the XBOX shutting down; I had an update for the game after the XBOX rebooted and then could no longer log in after it updated).

  • I also encountered a strange issue (also XBOX) that seemed to happen after a while (never right away) where it’s like sky textures were being interspersed with what you’re supposed to be seeing. Sort of a flashing/strobing effect with sky being mostly what’s visible when you’re not seeing where you actually are. Definitely tough to play/see like this. It would be very prevalent, then go away a bit, then prevalent again. Once I got rid of it for quite a while still playing. The next time it happened, I fixed it by exiting the game completely and restarting it. Happened twice total. Once I think it was triggered by a green cargo-container type door colliding with me and being “stuck” in the texture briefly. The other time, I was in a house in Salthamm, but I’m not sure what triggered it.

  • Probably known, but certain quest markers and items aren’t working quite right - some quests are bugged and items need to be gotten in a certain order, etc. For example, after finding the bunker near Salthamm, I’d already found most of the items in the Civic Patrol members’ houses, but some of them I had to pick up again for the quest to continue. Also, the map I picked up didn’t appear to have the correct markers and after picked up the markers showed on the table instead (where the map should have been had I not taken it). I know a lot is placeholder, and I know some people weren’t able to get certain items needed to continue quests (but after thinking this was the case for me, it turned out not to be…but it took me forever to figure out why not).

  • Items don’t always seem to stack correctly in the inventory. Sometimes I’d have random amounts of ammo or health kits that should be able to fit together as they weren’t at their max limits, but didn’t seem to, for whatever reason.

  • Flying robots don’t seem lootable. Can see loot very, very briefly before it disappears and inventory appears empty. Seems to happen with all of the flying ones only.

  • Med kits wouldn’t work for me once. They’d be used, but I’d regain no health. This seemed to rectify itself eventually (after dying?). I can’t be sure, but a respawn may have triggered this.

  • In multiplayer on PC, for some reason my friend could only see my name and weapon, not me. After changing out clothing, he could see everything but where my body should be…but at least he could see a representation at that point.

  • In a bunker stairwell (I can’t remember for sure which unfortunately), there was a floating loot box.

  • A good bit of clipping. Grass clipping through garage floors, doors clipping through chairs, etc. I noticed quite a bit during my playthrough, none of it game-breaking, but it does hamper the immersion just a tad (still thought things looked great overall tho’).

Please feel free if you have any questions I can answer about any of these! Thanks for the super fun beta!