Multiplayer Issues :(

Tried to play last night with 2 friends. All of us are on Xbox, two of us on the same wifi. (Friend 1- not on my wifi, Friend two-on my wifi)
We tried to log on to Friend 2’s game like we always do. Friend 1 could join, I could not. I kept getting the “Host unavailable” and “Host is no longer in session” error codes. Then, we all tried to join Friend 1’s game. We all were able to, but then I could not see Friend 2 and Friend 2 could not see me. Friend 1 could see both of us. We tried to just play anyway, but they would see enemies and I could not. We restarted, tried to join my game, but the same thing happened with the error codes for Friend 2 when Friend 1 could join. We tried resetting all of our games, systems, and routers with no luck. We tried different ways for about 3 hours until we finally gave up! I hope this is the right place to put this and I’ve given enough information for clarity! Hopefully someone can help!

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