New player question regarding armour

Is there no type of body armour in this game? I mean wasn’t Kevlar a thing back in the 80’s?

All the boosts I’ve seen on clothing are like 1% & then it seems those buffs are all tied to certain outfits or color combinations.

I prefer a little bit of realism in how my character is dressed. I’m not going to run around a bunch of killer robots wearing a bright yellow jacket, with red pants, bright green shoes, and a purple hat & stick out like a sore thumb!

Military camo or darker single colors that let me blend in with the environment in a game like this contribute to the immersion.

As long as I read most modern bullet proof vests were introduced in armys in the early to late 90s.

Of course there were other body armors earlier, but most if them were made out of steel.

@Swe111 do you know more regarding the swedish army?

All that stuff exists but doesn’t have any affect to your stats, by default.

However you can get schematics to add perks to your clothing such as; reduce noise, decrease visibility, add bullet resistance etc.

Once you’ve got the schematics you can mix and match these perks to different clothing items by crafting them at safehouses using the sewing machines.



Thank you. I’ve just forgotten to answer this part.
By looting backpacks, crates, boxes and machines you can obtain more clothes.

Somewhere here in the forum there is a topic about all different sets of clothes.

And, you have to see the story of the game. You’re just a teenager that stranded at the beach after your boat has been shot. You just have what you wear and what you find and you’re not a fully equiped super soldier.

But as obiw4anshinobi said, they (the clothes) sadly in general have no special abilities or resistances. But you can craft them, after finding scematics for it. Class 1 and 2 scematics can be found in the world, the others, up to class 5, can be found by loot from machines you destroy. But it takes time to get them all.


Thanks to everyone for the replies.

And that topic is here