New robot enemies

I like the basic tiers of enemies and the overall organic design, however the more I play I find myself asking why are the not more variety within each tier. For example the humble hunter comes in many variety’s and load outs but the could be a snake type which would be difficult to see/track in long grass or brush setting up for ambush maybe. Or a panther that’s faster and more prone to chase you down but weak if seen first… then the next class have a rhino/horse styled robot as well as the bi ped and possibly something like a bear which is fast but only over a short distance and heavily armoured…
essentially what I am saying in a bit more variety wouldn’t go amiss!


This game until March has been out for less than a year. So definetly it’s not really a feedback thing because without a doubt they will be adding more machines,types of machines and machine behaviour. Your feedback is appreciated though!



If I understand you correctly: you want machine diversity?
More than the existing 6 machine types (not CLASSES, types)?

I have made several posts about this, and in the future (this is confirmed) will more types be implemented.
WHEN?, I cannot say…
Soon™ I think…

MAYBE this would be a fun post for you: [SUGGESTION]New enemy types - Remade …?

Feel free to add ideas as you see fit.


Yes you read correctly by wanting machine diversity, sorry I am fairly new to the game and the forum…
I look forward to that arriving, and to be honest I would rather wait longer and the implementation is done well than it just being rushed anyway.

Thanks for the reply too :):smiley::smiley:

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Well, first they want to hunt down and fix bugs, some that have been around for… well… a long while…
Quite strange these old bugs have not been fixed yet.
Either way: first bugs (which is just logical), then comes… who knows…?
Maybe even penguins? XD

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In one of the latest dev streams, it was asked about new types of machines. Devs answer is at 00:43:15,


HAHA, that makes perfect sense to me putting bugs first, especially considering as a new ish player I come across a few bugs too.

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