No dedicated servers?


I apologize if there is already a post on this but I can’t find it. I’ve been flipping through the bug reports on multiplayer crashes and came across a comment about the game not being played on servers but one person hosting the game on there pc and everyone else in that group , I guess ,playing off that pc? I’m not real pc savvy so im wondering how this works exactly and if the person hosting is running basic minimum requirements on there pc is it enough to support 2 to 4 players?


It should be enough to support 2-4 players. GZ will run about as well as you’d expect on minimum specs. I’ve been a client for 3 of us on minimum spec, and it’s been fine aside from the usual bugs.
With respect to the architecture, it’s the host’s world you join. The map locations, safe houses and mission list are all inherited from them. A dedicated server wouldn’t have a host to inherit from.


I agree, even the basic minimum requirements are enough to support 2 to 4 players. However, I think that there should be a way to create a dedicated server, and it’s actually a much better option. Even if you have a bad, old pc, you would still be able to create a server and play on it together with your friends. For example, one of my friends has recomended me these cheapest dedicated servers, because they are offering really good hosting machines, with a very good internet connection at a very low price! The prices are starting from 49$/month, and there are no hidden fees at all. That’s perfect, I guess!


Game mechanic itself is always creating server, even if you play single player. Server is running background you connect as client (on same machine, host).
That is why there is no performance drop single vs. multiplayer co-op.

And having dedicated server would mean more workload already small dev team. I think this system how it is now is good enough for the game. No need to change it.


I would like to chime in and mention how dedicated servers could enhance GZ’s popularity.

I used to host several LAN parties at home for 15+ players for a variety of different games, and it is not always viable for everyone to be leaching off the same internet connection. LAN parties are still a thing, and there are a great many who would appreciate being able to only have a server for their friends.

There was a game play type in Unreal Tournament 2004 called Invasion where it was just wave after wave of increasing difficultly that would come at you. I could envision GZ having a few more different robots all coming after you in sequential waves. I used to love that game mode as not everyone has the time to sit down for a few hours to play a game. Invasion gave an instant form of destruction satisfaction, and a dedicated server with that could be very interesting.

Either way, I can close my eyes and imagine a LAN party with nothing but 80s music playing in the background with 15 friends all battling crazed military equipment in GZ. :slight_smile: