Noclipping out of Mården bunker

This image is in the power corridor of the Marden bunker
Of which the wall has stretched out and if I touch it it takes me outside of the map I am playing on a xbox series s
Pls can you fix it so it deosent happen again tome and future players because I had to fast travel to a safe house which was miles away
Thank you

Here’s the image of me underground and there is no way out except fast travel

I checked the map lots of times and nope your stuck

If I got a penny for everytime somebody posts this issue without searching for it first, I’d probably have a lot of pennies. But let’s settle with merging to the main topic for now.



Xbox:texture bug inside a bunker that takes you off the map, always active, on xbox series s, two player mode me being the host in marden bunker


HI, i got a texture bug in the “Marden control bunker” if i hit the black part, it is throwing me under the map without be able to go back on the map, until im teleporting around. The texture is always here.

The bug is in two part, one in and one out as we can see in my screenshots.


Please use the search next time.
It’s a known bug because it has been reported… Countless times.

Merged, again.

@Madchaser Could you flag duplicate topics if you see them, instead of replying to them? It makes moderating easier. Thanks :+1:


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Came her to also report on the Marden Command bunker texture warping too but seems like its been well covered.
It took me several tries to jump over it without teleporting under the map or thrown into the sky but while I am here…
I might want to touch base on motorcycles going at top speed often lost control by themselves and launch you off while the bike is flung great distances like for me, the bike landed 23 kilometers into the ocean (lol) but I wanted to suggest improved controls over the bikes and also additions like bike pouch for carry weight.