Notas superviviente 7

Tengo un problema con la nota del superviviente 7, no esta en su ubicacion, es un posible bug? Alguien puede ayudarme? Gracias

Take a look here:

Gracias pero el problema es que con las actualizaciones no coincide el mapa con la imagen. No encuentro la nota 7 y no se que hacer. Recientemente hice el logro de sirena que estava bugueado, pero la nota 7 es la ultima que me queda para el ultimo logro y no hay manera

The forums are English only so please provide am English Translation so others can assist accurately.

Ok, first a small advice:
This is an english speaking forum.
Please use english (at least by google translator).

Did you look in bunker 120, above of it and next to it?

As there were some revamps for south coast it’s possible that the exact position changed. But it should at least be nearby.

Thanks friend but i’ve looked and it’s no where the robot is on the ground, nor in bunker 120, up, down, inside, posible bug​:unamused::pensive:

If this is the note im thinking off, heres the new location. The whole dumping station got moved in Recon.

Thanks, is not good. I need only this note😭

I would be very grateful if someone is playing the game since last month and if they are looking for the collectibles and find the survivor note 7, put their location, I am desperate. I think it’s a great game but it has many errors and that takes away points

Could you add a screenshot of your log screen for the collectibles (survivor notes) ?

I just found the problem, I tried to travel to the island of the dlc with the boat and it wouldn’t let me because it said that I didn’t have the map package when I already bought it. I downloaded it again and went to the robot area on the ground where the note 7 was and it appeared. all wonderful until I take the note having 100 x 100 of the love letters and survivor notes and the achievement doesn’t skip, you can have more bad luck, now I really don’t know what to do

I can only think of deleting the game and looking only for the collectibles again, although I don’t know if it will help to make the achievement appear

I just unlocked the achievement. I had to delete the game and start over. I bought the motorcycle and I do not recommend it at all, the game has been blocked 5 times in 20 minutes. I liked the game but I was very disappointed by the bugs, errors and problems in general. Anyway, thanks for the help and good luck to all