Out of map portal - Mården Bunker

Platform: Xbox Series S

Coordinates: 1989.254, -1213.192

Location / Region: Mården Bunker / Forest Region

Description: There appears to be two terrain pieces protruding through the bunker passageway. When I walk in to them, it drops me beneath the map and I can see the entire bunker - but I cannot re-enter.

Workaround: Don’t walk into the sections shown in the photos…unless you want to see the bunker from an out of map perspective.

Steps To Reproduce: Fast travel to Mården Bunker - exit room and follow passageway - take last right - then left and they should be visible directly in front of you. At least they are for me anyway.

Host or Client: I confirm this occurs during solo play but I haven’t checked during coop.

Images / Videos: I tried to upload a video but it would only let me do photos.

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Its a known bug.

Happy holidays.

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