[PC]23 Collectables found in same room




**Steps To Reproduce:Went into shed right at start of game, 23 Collectables were found in here.

**Images / Videos:None

**Host or Client:Host

**Players in your game:1



I think that music tapes.


They have already it written up as a known bug, they suggest that you don’t take all of them up because it will grant you massive amounts of xp


A little fun, only for the closed beta. Will however break your progression if you pick them all up.


How does it break the progression? Am I not going to be able to finish the game?


Frozenspike! Don’t worry, it gives you some extra XP and you will level up quicker. You will be able to finish the game.


Great, you had me worried there for a bit


Those were all put there on purpose because it was the beta