Player has left his game open to anyone can play for a week now!

We have been stuck in his game all week. Look for a co-op game we spawn to his map till full and is has been going on all this week. The host has not moved other than we blasted him into deep water and he has not moved.

He was a level 10 player when I found him and because players are stuck in his map they kill his bots, do his missions and kill his rivals. He gets the points to from all this and keeps leveling up, he is now a level 21 player without doing any thing.

There is no way to report him, no way mis-matcher will let us go to a different map., no way to kick him off his own map and close his game. the program will not let us change to another host no matter the settings.


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One option, is to open up your own game and be the host.

Pretty ingenious, not gonna lie.

If you’re on PS4, you can delete the game, and redownload it, without actually losing progress. This could work to get out of the game as well.

If this is on PC platform, only help might be the game crashing.

When thinking about it :thinking: , it would be more likely, that whomever is hosting that game, experiences internet and/or power loss, thus ending the long-running open session.

It was so annoying. He finally exited his game.