Radical Vanity Pack DLC


I’d like to know that if I buy a physical copy of the game at my local retailer in Hungary is it possible that the copy of the game will include the Radical Vanity Pack DLC?
Or was this pack available only for those who pre-ordered the game digitally?
When I bought physical copies of games a while ago there were instances where the retail copy of the game included the pre-order bonus too, so that’s why I’m asking this.

Thank you for the help in advance!

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The radical vanity pack is a pre-order bonus only. Sorry!

Radical Vanity is a nice way for those of us (like myself) who pre-ordered Generation Zero, to show that we are pre-launch supporters of the game. :wink:

Radical Vanity is arguably the coolest vanity pack in the game, and the one that has the most “80’s” look to it.
I have used many of those items throughout the entirety of my GZ playtime. Now I’m currently leveling up a character with 100% Radical apparel. :blush:
(It’s the same character that I gave pictures of to @Gysbert ’s Complete Apparel List)

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Yes, the Radical Vanity Set can be found in the “30 Outfit Sets” under Miscellaneous.

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