Random hyper-accuracy and infinite fire for machine rocket pods

Harvesters and Tanks with rocket pods are gaining ultra-accuracy and fire all rockets at the exact same spot. I can semi-reliably say that this might not be completely random and might have something to do with the enemy losing sight of the player at the moment or shortly before firing, I have also run into issues of tanks and harvesters either firing not enough rockets for a salvo (only 2-3) or simply not stopping to fire, resulting in insane barrages of 100+ rockets. While this is epic, it kills framerate, and sometimes the player :slight_smile:


I’ve seen it as well and it happens when harv/tank looses sight of you. They then fire at the last spot where you were sighted. It makes things more realistic. :slight_smile:

That started with the Resistance update. Before the update, tank rocket salvo consisted of 10 rockets. After the update, only 2 rockets. Posed it in here as well: Regarding inaccessible houses in map revamps - #41 by Aesyle

Well, I think the rockets should at least maintain their usual spread. They actually do when the player is far away, on my character with -60% visibility I saw tanks and harvs firing on my last known position which was around 50 meters from where I stood they did their normal firing, but the hyper-accuracy only occurs when it happens immediately after losing sight combat apparently. That issue by itself already occured pre-resistance, but the two-shot salvoes are new, yeah.

I have reported this bug also in Discord server. It cannot be WAI. One of those stream of rocket will kill you in any difficulty level, even with 20% explosive resistances on clothing. I have died so many times to this stream of rockets.
And it cannot be they lost sight to player, happens also when you just run open in fields.