Relocated collectables and Schematics

I noticed some people on other forums who were using the collectable guides, saying some weren’t there. The devs told us that with the revamps they have relocated some of the collectables and schematics, resulting in guides to have now incorrect locations.
The new locations are always close to the old ones.

If any of you know coords to those new locations you can post them in this topic, with the goal that the guides can be corrected.

So far I have seen :

  • Veronika Nilsson’s Birthday Mixtape is no longer in the white car, but in a house on the table. NEW coords are -2292, -2010

  • The 5th mixtape Apostolic Band is here 3550, 2330
    Next to the driver seat of the white post office truck outside Iboholmen church on Archipelago.

  • .243 FMJ is at 2452, -1500 (in the yellow house)
  • .270 SP is at -173, -1841 (on the parkbench)

Because this topic is locked, PM me if you want to add information, or share new locations of collectables due to revamping the areas.


Actually, concerning Veronikas mixtape (no 15), it’s located at -2291.938, -2005.880 (roughly). That’s still nearby, in the field behind the garage NE of its former location (in between the gas station and the barn with the underground entrance). It floats in the air like two meters from the ground, together with a radio. Just collected it myself :smiley: