Requests for apparal

I’m not much of a fashionista. It took me ages to get the badge. But eventually I found my style. However, I think we miss the lumberjack shirt. This tartan patterned cotton shirt that I recall as rather popular in Sweden in the eighties. I would like one.

I don’t know if a “Request for apparal” thread already exist. If not, feel free to add your own requests here.


Oh man, you hit it right on the head there.

Community inspired apparel, based around an event or assignment would be spot on

I have the worn red flannel jacket and the red flannel shirt

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Well, it does, link: Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects

But since that topic asks specifically for practical apparel items, it’s a bit different feature request. :thinking:
For time being, we can keep them separate. But when people are starting to ask practical apparel items, it would be best to merge both topics.


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Yes, I have that too. But I’m thinking more in the lines of Royal Steward or Hunting Steward tartans. As I remember lumberjack shirts from the eighties (I had a few myself) they were thicker cotton with more colours and perhaps a bit more complex patterns as the shirts of today:



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Data’s pretty slangin in red. Anyway, how many variants do you think should be added? Like how many colors?