Resistance update on xbox

I didn’t see any other discussions regarding the resistance update on xbox consoles
Not saying there weren’t any I just didn’t see them
Anyways this is for discussing release dates and other things regarding the Xbox resistance update

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Going to be really interesting to see if there is a development letter this week stating anything about the update. Next week is “end of the month week” so by now they should know if they have anything to submit to MS for certification and release. Interesting end of this week!

Sadly, there are more delays:

Hello darkness my old friend
I’ve come to speak with you again

Ok I’m just kidding I know the devs are working hard but it still kinda sucks

Is the newest update out on the Xbox yet or is my generation zero not working properly because it said it should be out by now and is the Soviet weapon pack coming to xbox? If so when

No. No date for the Xbox version as of yet I’m afraid.

The update is not out yet. Microsoft are being slow, unfortunately… :roll_eyes:


Looks like mid June release, according to Pontus in today’s stream.

Is really MS the problem? What was communicated by the dev was that there were bugs in the game that caused the rejection. Not much MS can do about that!?

I don’t know the details. All I know is, the verification process usually takes a long time, for any number of reasons.

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My understanding was that it was submitted to MS for certification the same time as Sony, but that MS refused certification (for reasons not disclosed by the devs)

April 23rd

The devs have then been trying to address the issues raised by MS but haven’t been able to do so as of yet.

April 30th

Trying to certify again but with more bugs found by MS.

May 21st

Nah. This isn’t on Microsoft, they’re not the ones dragging their feet (and I’m not suggesting the devs are either) but I feel that console testing is not a particularly strong suit for Avalanche / Systemic Reaction.

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Hey people! Just to clarify, this is not on Microsoft. If you saw the stream yesterday, i talked about it shortly, but these cert failures are on us. Also mentioned on stream, we are aiming at the middle of June for the update.


Thanks for that info!
Looking forward to the release!

I stand corrected, thanks for the transparency :+1: