Russian Battle Plan?

So I found this map in one of the command tents in the northern most marshlands Soviet Landing Zones. The area in the map is the southern starting coast of the Archipelago region.
What do you think the circles indicate? I would have said alternate landing sites but there are some in the middle of the water. Possible hidden submarine locations (except for that one location on land)?
Who knows or can guess?

We already saw this map in Gysberts hiking routes

I could bet we already discussed about it in the Landfall update topic.

One of them in the water probably could point to Monster Island.

No idea what the other might point to.

Found a question from myself regarding this map :sweat_smile: But no answer.

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Hmm… guess my search for anything related wasn’t as thorough as I thought!
Weird though, is that yours only has the 3 circles, mine has a fourth.

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You’re right.
Gysberts screenshot also just shows three.

Very interesting.
The circles in land just show the starting location and Salthamn bunker safehouse.

My best - and probably the most obvious guess - is that the Soviets were planning to launch a new front, and potentially knew that many low-level FINX machines were there to guard the area instead of the higher classes. However, this plan obviously never happened because their own machines turned on them.

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Yes, of course you answered.
Sorry, I meant a final explanation.
Until now all we could do was guessing.

I just translated them. I guess that’s no street names, but names of the seas/water areas.

There are:

  • fairground
  • milkyway
  • Olle-Fiskares street (or street of Olle Fiskares)
  • trout stream

If my translation from swedish to german and forth to english isn’t wrong.

But in such a plan I would have expected arrows that show movement.

Nevertheless, if it’s such a plan, maybe the reason against it was because of the coastal artillery in the south… Which also hindered other supporters to come to Östertörn.

But we don’t exactly know when the Landfall took place in timeline.

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Well, Bolshakov did use them to kill the Russian soldiers that were sent with him to the meeting with the spy, and then also used them to wipe out the rest of the Russian soldiers at the camp after Captain Tereshkova left. Maybe the Soviet machines ‘learned’ the only good human is a dead human, regardless of whether or not they are Russian. I mean; if their own commander is telling them to do it… Or maybe the new programming Bolshakov did to the machines made them only loyal to him; but then he died in the nuking of the secret reaper base, which means they were no longer loyal to anyone!

I also read this in the russian doll letters.

But the russian doll letters don’t say that Bolschakov and his loyal soldiers are all dead.

At least there must have been an exception for him and his loyal soldiers in the changed programing of the mechanical units.

The question is how they realized that. By face scan? Or do they carry some kind of transmitter which tells the machines that they are no targets?


Maybe he is still alive, and maybe they are still loyal to him. But I don’t think that includes any of the other troops that didn’t go with him into the train tunnels in the bunker. Everyone else is fair game.

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This is what is written in the russian dolls Lore.

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