Scary enemy type


I think the atmosphere of generation zero is unnerving nothing alive around no sounds except the awesome soundtrack but for future enemys how about a enemy type that only comes out at night It makes a creepy sound when you come near maybe it looks different from the other robots more horror like but all I want is a cool night based enemy to jump scare me


Yes, say maybe a robot that hides in trees that waits for a player to walk by, and then jumps on top of them.


Definitely would give some people a jumpscare


Technically, you could get that from a facehugger, sorry, tick with the lights/sound off. Walk up to it in the dark unwittingly, have it jump in your face, instant heart attack. Doesn’t even matter that it won’t make much damage.

It would be a bit unfair though I guess.
I mean, a big part of the game is picking your engagements, sometimes avoiding encounters, and sometimes planning them before engaging. All that depends on a sporting chance to see them before they see you.

That said, hunters sometimes like to stand completely motion- and soundless. I had one standing behind a bush the other night, making it nigh impossible to be sure whether it even was a machine, even shining a light on it. So I walked right up to it with my light on, being 70 % sure it was a trick of the light, and really only could tell it was a hunter for sure when I stood right in front of it. Pretty much the opposite of a jump scare due to the build up, but got my heart racing all the same. :smile:


You can get a mod that disables the notification sensor, that white/yellow/red HUD thing. Without that letting you know baddies are around, you can get seriously startled.


Or you could just disable it in the options menu :wink:


Good info, I will take a look. I usually keep it on though. It is creepy enough coming around a corner and walking right into a FNIX hunter. Jump out of my seat. I like a little warning.