Schematic for gas resistance clothing

Simple, schematics to add gas resistance to clothing.

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Ideally just add this to the gas mask to make it more resistant?

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2nded. Allow us to add % gas resistant to any mask. This could easily fit into the current schematic system. 5% per quality level up to 20% (Purple) or 25% (Gold).
The reason this is necessary is because it’s objectively better to be wearing a gas mask for the entirety of Alpine Unrest DLC and during Reaper fights - but no-one wants to play with a darkened screen and therefore they don’t.

There are only 3 masks in the game and two of them already have 20% gas resistance.

That’s called balance. You’ll get protection but you have to give up something for it.

Apart from the 2 models of gasmasks there’s “Vraken Pilot breathing gear” and “Stalker’s Mask” and arguably the face bandana but I don’t need to tell you that.

Anyway I don’t really see your point other than stating facts. Do you support the idea or not.

That’s hardly balance, I would call it compromise, trade-off at most. The Murky screen doesn’t make the game any more difficult only more ugly.
The “balance” I’m suggesting is that for a superior experience and survivorbility you need to have killed enough rivals to grind for the schematics for the gold or purple grade modifications that you then utilise just as with the already established grind-reward system of schematics. The modification can then be applied to a selection of facewears, which as you rightly point out it would be nice to have more breathingwears in the game especially as they’re so in-vogue right now IRL.
Also Re: this thread you’re involved in Face coverings? - #8 by NJR87

To counter my own support for this idea, it would be a little too light-hearted to allow chemical-warfare protection to be applied something as flimsy as a bandana worn on the mouth or even medical grade breathe-mask. Also I’m carrying over expectations from games like Project Winter in which there are hundreds of masks.

My take on this is more complex than simple “Yes” or “No”. It all comes down to implementation.

If gas resistance schems are just added, where you can craft gas resistance to any face apparel - then No.

If you can craft the gas resistance to the current two masks, that offer the gas resistance (e.g +25%, +30%, +35%, +40%) - then Yes.

The idea of dimmed screen is to indicate that you are wearing one. And the one, that doesn’t have crystal clear glasses, instead it’s worn down with glass dirt and the like.