Second and Third time GZ froze on PS4

Bug Report Template

Platform: PS4

Description: Some days ago it happen first time: The game froze when I tried to open the storage box. I wrote to and Adam tried to help.
Finally there was no solution, so I had to continue with a second character, losing all my CHAR-1 - progress as well as the inventory CHAR-1 was carrying.
Luckily CHAR-2 could access the storage box, so at least I started over with some better weapons.
After playing a couple of days, I got my skills back, even got a higher level. And than … IT HAPPEN AGAIN! I was sorting my loot into the storage box, and the game froze. This time I took a screenshot of the frozen game-screen. After restarting the game, I tried to do the same steps again - and it froze at exactly the same item. A machine gun stabilizer 4*.
Now I did something stupid :frowning: : instead of scrapping that item, I mounted it on my HP5.
All worked nice, I could sort and scrap all other items without any problem. UNTIL … I pressed the wrong button. By accident I STORED my HP5 (with that machine gun stabilizer attached) in my storage box :frowning: . And of course, the game froze :frowning:
I tried with CHAR-3 (I made it 2 days ago) but no luck: Also CHAR-3 cant access the storage box (game freezes).
So basically I am back to start: Have to create a new CHAR-4, losing all my level and skill progress.
My good weapons I can maybe rescue, by handing them over to a friend and collecting again wit my new char.

All in all it’s frustrating: Second time to lose all my progress, spending more time in analyzing an error than playing a game I liked to play.

Steps To Reproduce: Unfortunately I do not remember, where I found that item.

Images / Videos: 2 screenshots showing the item on the frozen screen.

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: Solo

Specifications: NA

Platform: PS4

Description: Exatly the same problem.
I deletet the game, also the online memory, reinstalled the game and started new…game froze again after some hours of playing. In my case, it was the machine pistol stabilizer.

Steps to Reproduce: Also not knowing where i found the item.

Host or Client: Solo, but also in Multiplayer the Plundra freezes