Side mission: In the face of Adversaty

Howard, make yourself first familiar with the route because the way points can be confusing, I have the route marked on the Memory map. There are obstacles on the route, like containers which you have to traverse to get the quickest time, Fire ramps. Practice them, without the mission being active.

The end of the route ends at a green container to the right, which can only be opened when you arrive within the given time.

When you know the route, go to the start point and give it a try, there will be machines shooting and hindering you, just keep pedaling and avoid crashes, don’t stop, because the clock is ticking. Success buddy. :coffee:


Start point - route - and mission complete.


Is thát the trick? I took a bike, but the other way :smile:

Now I understand that checkpointtime.

The biking is too hard for me, eventhough I’m Dutch :joy:


Good general advice too!


I’m aware of the ‘final’ factor of this episode.

So, I’ll háve to encounter this

If this side mission is not completed, does it stop further missions?

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No, no missions get stopped from DLC Side missions.

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Thank you. I can ride a bike with no problems… But not in GZ. :grinning:

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Wondering about this too.

I am older then you, but managed it after 11 tries… Just practice riding the bike first :rofl:

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This is one of my current missions. I dread trying it as I already know I’m an utter failure at riding GZ bikes. I’ve tried. Many times. And it never ends well. lol

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It’s too hard for me for some reason (the container with that wooden plank).

It looks like there are no other missions, so the only thing left is to gather items and sometimes a predator?
So the game is almost finished?

Do you have the extra Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising DLC add-ons? Alpine unlocks the whole new island of Himfjäll with a bunch of missions. FNIX Rising adds a whole bunch of new missions on the main island.

If you have these and completed them, then you’re at the end of the game. Nothing left to do but the end game stuff of base assault / defence and killing Reapers until they release new DLC.

Also, make sure to check both the main and side missions in your mission log. It’s in 2 different tabs of the log screen. If you’ve finished the main story (found out what FNIX is), then you likely finished the main story line.

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How many missions did you accomplish?
Maybe you missed some.

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No, unfortunately I don’t. How do I get these?

Looked at the main and side missions. But wasn’t sure there wouldn’t be a next chapter of the game, ONLY when finishing that bike mission.

According to the main and side missions, only the one with the bike.

Maybe I’ve got a flat tyre… :smile:

Maybe you check your total number of accomplished missions. Here are the facts before this year a few new missions at the beginning were added.

The dlcs you should be able to get from steam, if you don’t already have them by buying a pack including them.

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This is what I have…

Main Missions

(37 Main missions + 9 Alpine Unrest + 10 FNIX Rising) = 56

Side Missions

(48 Main side-missions + 11 Alpine Unrest + 10 FNIX Rising + 4 Resistance) = 73


You buy those DLCs from whatever store you got the main game on - Steam, Xbox, etc…

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Ok guys, that explains it, thanks!