Side missions gone from my log

Before the update I had to the lighthouse and hazardous material I think it was called in my side mission log, after the update they are gone from my log, tried going back and restarting them and the items that start the missions aren’t there.
The missions aren’t in my completed log, and the locations are still marked on my map.
In on ps4

That happened to me too. When I first played after the June update, all my active missions were gone. The devs notes told us to travel out of the area and back. So I did, which only made my active main mission come back (the Uttern warboard) but my then only active side mission (the ”find all warboards”) was still gone.

It did come back though after I had completed the next bunker mission (in my case Sorken). But one thing I noticed about it was that it didn’t show that I had found the previous warboards (in my case Vesslan and Minken). Maybe all it takes is to visit them again but still it’s a bit of an issue. Haven’t reported it though.

it has been reported and being worked on :+1:
it seems to be an unintended side effect from trying to retroactively fix missions


Good on ya @kakarron!