SILENT Robots needed ... and some wishes


… to scare players , when they are exploring. Or they wait “deactivated” in houses , so that the player has to be always on watch and not to be sure there is nothing like it is now …

would improve immersion in my opinion and tense , special when you play solo and do exploring !

As the robots had to be build with “silence” in mind, they shouldn’t be very strong and only have meele weapons … so if you are careless you are prey for them, but if you scout and be on alert they shouldn’t be a real danger !

Only have just finished the INTRO mission, so if there are already such robots ingame or planned, feel free to close the thread …

Thanks and wish the devs the best for their game and hope to see many upgrades to the game in the future (DLCs) like:

  • more crafting,
  • own base building (tower defense),
  • repopulation of areas (like in Fallout4, but better strategy part :slight_smile: ,
  • NPC Missions where the questgiver follows you and you could equip him, if he is too weak …
  • Hire NPCS for your base (give better items to them, so they get stronger)


There is one such machine in the game that fills the quoted criteria.


You will encounter one soon! those bastards!


I’ll support this post about the silent machine to push my own view as well on this.

I just want to push this so badly inside the game. I want to punish carelessness and punish death for the player. Why give the world such a believable environment and machines with eerie sounds, reactions and even their structure. The game’s art gives this feeling I’ve always wanted to experience in a game.

I get they pushed towards melee weapons, because it was a popular request, but there’s something off-putting when you can use your melee to destroy a tank. Barbed wire was interestingly added and it did damage, so ‘WOW’… Something else. Machines could get damaged too, but a tank walks in the barbed wire and also starts taking damage! :rofl:

I’ve had some suggestions for the game’s atmospheric elements and even have an old video that still holds some points I still feel are good for the game -
Video here
The main TL:DR points -

  • Make houses have options to turn off lights silently to get less attention from patrolling machines. Downside is Seekers are more likely to check them with a flashlight and creepily shine it through windows

  • Make the introduction have you low on health and have more visual aid to get you in your afraid state

  • Story elements having slower pacing, making the player inspect elements to find the next clue. Otherwise it’s just Interact and move on to the next interact button.

Direct impact from electric switchboard to electricity in building

Seekers should use a smaller version of the new orange watch lights on FNIX bases that would be a heart stopper


I’m all about the heart skipping a beat. Was first what I imagined those lights were, but turns out it just helps machines see and don’t really help :smiley:

I might even be inspired enough to draw a seeker shining a light through the windows, because that would be an amazing moment of pure silence and buildup just to figure if you’re going to get heated or not


I could Imagine being in a kitchen of a house crouched beneath the window and a seekers yellow light blazing through the window. Would make great art or for a trailer
(Might try drawing it)


Little off topic.
Not sure have you done this. But you can disable that detection meter in hud.
Silent machine not so usefull if its going to pop up in that detection meter.


I would like to see a small framed, (a bit of sloth looking and smaller than human?) bipedal robot with arms that would end in curved blades. No other weaponry at all.

It would seldomly spawn only at darkness of the night and wait quietly in forests for prey to get near it and walk small distances to change ambush position. It doesn’t have any excess lights on it to give out it’s position in the darkness.

It would be mostly completely silent (maybe a few gibberish whispers that sounds like distorted prayer of captive humans) to a point, when it sees a prey it emits a quiet sound for target confirmation, launches itself to a quick sprint with soft thudding footsteps and when near enough, it would jump like Hunter towards the prey and just at the jump moment, it would let out this horrible distorted human like scream. (Those Hunter sounds that were drop off from the game has the same feeling).

It wouldn’t have much HP, even less than Runners, but it’s melee attack would create havoc just like the Witch in L4D series.

As I said before, this would be a rare spawn robot just to give out that nice little hair raising feeling when traveling in forests; “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die.” -Billy :grin: