Simple Troubleshooting When Game Runs Poorly

  1. Make sure the system has the very least of System Requirements.
  2. In case of laptop: make sure the system does not run hot: computers HATE heat.
  3. Make sure you have enough RAM.
  4. Make sure your Virtual Memory, or Page File, has enough allocated.
    To check this:
    a) Open Control Panel
    b) right side of the Control Panel Window, View By: put it to Icons.
    c) Hit system => Advanced System Settings => new window pops up.
    d) In the new window: Advanced => Performance => Settings => New window pops up.
    e) Advanced => Check Total Paging File Size.
    Preferably it should be twice the size of your RAM size.

If this did not work:
Boot into Safe Mode, open Control Panel.
Hit Device Manager.
Hit Display Adaptor
Hit your vidcard twice, this brings up a new window.
Hit Disable Driver.
Hit Uninstall Driver.
System will now reboot and install a clean driver…

If that did not help:
Go to Discord, ask help there under Bugs Or Crashes…


Run CMD in Admin Mode
Type SFC /Scannow
Hit enter, let it run its course.

It is quite possible not all errors are found the first time, it is recommended to run this 3 to 5 times…
Or so quite a few sites tell us… if they lie, I do as well.

I recommend also a driver update system like IOBit Driver Booster or similar, these auto-update your system if new drivers are released, and most even keep your gaming files (DirectX, VB C++ and the likes) up to date…