Slowed Movement Bug

Platform: PC

Okay so, this is the first time that a bug in this game has truly pissed me off. I’ve had it happen once before and it was equally as annoying back then, but I had a friend to back me up. This time I was alone, exploring the Mountains region with no safehouse anywhere near. I had just come out of a battle with 12 Hunters, 3 Military Class Harvesters (and Runner escorts), about 8 Seekers and one Tank, so I was running low on medical supplies.

I get ambushed by a group of Hunters, six of them. I try to run, but I get downed. “This is fine” I think, there’s a Command Bunker nearby I can flee to. But when I resurrect, my walking speed is slowed to a crawl. My crosshair also flickers. Attempting to run only makes me move slightly faster. There’s nowhere for me to go, and I run out of Adrenaline Shots. Forced to respawn miles away.

Update: Logging another character does not solve the problem. The bug remains until I restart the game.

Steps To Reproduce:
Get downed in combat. I did not have any skill perks that granted me free revives, or ones that made me move faster. It may have something to do with getting downed by Hunters, but I can’t confirm it.

Images / Videos:
I fast-travelled to the nearest safehouse and recorded the bug in action.

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
Just me


I had this once while being a client.

I think it was after getting killed while crouched, but after few minutes movement speed returned to normal.

Happened a few Times for me om PS4. Usually goes away if you fast travel 5-6 Times. But it’s annoying as hell when it happens.

have had this a number of times also on pc . im not sure how to duplicate it.
Pc Win10
16 gig mem
nvidia gtx660

Hey @Zesiir :wave:

This issue is in our internal bug tracking database, however, means of reproducing the issue is currently unknown.

If anyone manages to find a way to reproduce this issue please make sure to post it here as it would help a lot when it comes to fixing the issue :pray:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!


I realize you might not recall everything from when it happened, but I’d be grateful if you could try to answer some of these questions @Zesiir

  • The bug started occurring after reviving via adrenaline shot, right?
  • Do you know, have an idea or a suspicion of what specific attack killed you?
    e.g. Hunter jump attack, hunter melee attack, hunter machine gun, etc
  • How were you moving when you were killed? What stance?
    e.g. you standing still, walking, sprinting, crouching, crouching + moving, etc

Thank you for your time!


Hey man, thanks for the quick reply.

  • Yep, after reviving with Adrenaline Shot.
  • It was a Hunter Jump Attack.
  • I was sprinting. But I had just come out of a crouch.
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I don’t see anyone mentioning a solution for getting out of this slowmo stance. When this happens to me I simply go ADS and release and it’s gone, no need to fast travel 6 times or wait for it to go away on it’s own.

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For me it was when I ended combat with two hunters. Me as host with two clients. I didn’t die. Had to restart game.

The other time was in combat with hunters and runners. I let them kill me and fast traveled 5-6 Times and it went back to normal.

PS4 Pro

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i had the opposite happen to me once, fighting a large group around a church and respawned going much faster than usual, like i was sprinting but I wasnt holding the sprint key (it is not set on toggle) and it didnt make my stamina drop. I died again and went back to normal speed and it never happened again

I’ll try it next time it happens, thanks :slight_smile:

This happened to me back at game release too on the PS4, I remember being attacked by a group of Hunters, dying lots of times and reviving with adrenaline, eventually it gave me slower walking speed

It just happened to me on PC. I died when I was crouching, and respawned to a bunker. Now I move slowly as hell.

It goes awey when you aim


We have now found a way to reproduce this issue in-house with a 100% reproduction rate.
This will help us immensely when it comes to fixing and preventing the issue from occurring.

Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with information on this issue, much appreciated! :pray:


Glad to hear, keep up the good work :+1:


Update: It just happened to me again, and I think I know why. I was fighting a Tank and it downed me as I was aiming down my sights. When I revived, my movement speed was slowed. Aiming down the sights again made it go away, like MalteBGM said. Hope it helps!



Today, i was battling inside the Skinnarbol Crater (Farmlands). When there was only 1 FNIX runner left to
kill, i noticed that my char suddenly slowed down for unknown reason.
The new walking speed was about the same as normal crouching speed and sprinting speed was more-or-less equal to normal walking speed.

The bug started occurring after reviving via adrenaline shot, right?

Do you know, have an idea or a suspicion of what specific attack killed you?
I wasn’t killed during that battle. But i was shot at several times by runners (both proto and FNIX).

How were you moving when you were killed? What stance?
Stance - standing, walking
Movement direction - towards 10 o’clock, holding down W (forward) and A (left) at the same time.
Aim - i was in ADS with 5* HP5 and 5* Red Dot. As soon as i came out of ADS, while still moving, i noticed that my char had slowed down.

Steps To Reproduce:
Unknown. But the old issue is still present, hence the necro.

Images / Videos:
Video starts just after i killed the last machine. Exactly on the same spot where the slow down happened. Tried all sorts of things to fix it. Only full closure and restart of the game fixed it.

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
1 (myself)

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