So i recently got 6c ammo recipes but no idea where i got them

i have been just looting everything here lately with out much thought and droping/scraping things when need but i went to go make ammo noticed i have 2 6c ammo recpies one for 7.2m shock ammo and healing ammo and was wondering where i was getting this from

Every successful base defence gives you one schematic.

okay so i gotten into a bit of defense missions and was wondering if am i stuck to this one region for getting defense mission task

Full description in here: [EXPLAINED] How The Home Base Defense Mission works - Can't start the Home Base Defense Mission, "Disabled. Generate region score to provoke attacks" - #14 by Avalanche_knivspark

But in a nutshell: Yes. To unlock base defence mission again, you need to stick to the Forest region.