So. Weapon augments are items?

Platform: PC Steam

Description: So the weapon augments show up as “placeholder” in the companion inventory.

Steps To Reproduce: Just place a weapon with an augment in the companion inventory.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: singleplayer

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: all the hardware and software is up to date.

It’s like the weapon skins for example.
They can also just be seen in the companions inventory screen.
But it’s funny to see that the devs just used a placeholder icon instead of the augmentation icon in bronze, silver or gold.

I wonder what happens if you just put the weapon into the companions inventory or just the augmentation… Can it be attached to the weapon again later? Or are the ressources lost?
@SR_Carni Looks like a risky thing. Could you please hide the augmentations and skins in that screen?

Hey! We are currently unable to reproduce this behavior. Could you provide some more information about what you were doing directly before this happened?