Sprinting Harvester!


Tanks can Sprint, so why not Harvester too?

just imagine a Harvester sprinting right at you and you like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!


That is not the point of a harvester, they are not made for war, they are made to gather resources and have a convoy of dogs to protect them, they can call in hunters now too and they have a stop attack and missle attack and they can also go into a defenceive mode to protect themselves. There is no need for them to become a war machine and run at you.


well, i think pretty much they becomme a War Mashine since last Update.
They dont even tryin to run away, like they always tried.
Harvester just going Straight into your Battle against other Robots and immediately start spawn Hunter,
which Ticks they Carry and Runner they were once with becommes quit Pointless.
Attempt to flank/shooting Rockets at you as soon as possible.

I dont see any Point of the current Harvester being a Harvester yknow what i mean.
So why not a Sprinting Harvester, that may look cool :smiley: