Stuck on FNIX Side missions someone please help

I wanna try and get the Stealthy Resistance pants but I’m stuck on a challenge in the Scout section, called tug of war, I need to finish the FNIX side missions but after I finished “in the face of adversity” I didn’t get any more side missions, do I need to find them like the normal campaign or is it a bug?
Can someone please help me? I’ve only completed 4 side missions and now there’s no more, I’ve checked the map but I don’t know what to do or where to start.

Once you’ll complete all the main missions in FNIX Rising, more side missions will unlock.

I’ve already completed all the main FNIX missions and no more side missions have unlocked

Did you activate the warboard in the Ringfort tunnels?

Though, in total, there are 10 side missions. Guide here (spoiler alert): Guide: "FNIX Rising" side missions

It worked, I just activated the war board thank you so much!! :grinning:

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With issue solved, i’ll lock this topic. :lock: