Tank (literally) sprinting at a player


Soooooo… This wasn’t clickbait or anything (sadly I didn’t take a video in time) me and my friend were playing online, and we decided to take down some tanks, and we decided to start at the lighthouse is (where the pansagnavar is) and we went to where the windmills were, and started to attack one tank of the pair, and I had just started to split up so that I could get behind it, when the tank stopped moving for a second, and then broke into a full sprint, running for my hopeless friend (who was clueless) and when it reached him, it stomped and instakilled him, who had to spawn back at the lighthouse.

If this has happened to anyone else, please comment! And devs, is this a glitch or did you add something in secret?

(This is true)


This was added about 1 month ago :wink:


Wait, so they added this on purpose?


Yes they put this as one on of the bigger features an update or two back. It freaked me out a bit the first time that it happened but I had read about it already so i was prepared


They did do this on purpose, so if the player shoots all the ranged weapons off the tank, the tank isn’t completely defenceless against them and is still a challenge.


oh, ok, thanks…


No problem chief. :slight_smile:


That said, I’m seeing this very rarely now.
Granted, due to the challenges, I’ve mostly fought FNIX tanks lately (where the F stands for “fartyboy”), which prefer to stand around and emit green clouds, but even so.
Probably just standing too close to the tank for the sprint to trigger, I guess.

Ironically, one of the two or three or so that I’ve seen even bothering to sprint in the past couple of weeks was charging at nothing in particular, just running for the heck of it like an excited child. :smile:


Knock off both weapons, then they go all Usain Bolt. It is pretty dangerous if you are not in the woods. Woods is the best place to kill tanks. Also, I think they bumped up the power of the “Squat and boom” move they do. That hits now from something like 50 feet away.


You can really use lures for Tanks now, they come sprinting to check it out. This also sadly works when you don’t want them to and you’re just trying to aggro a group of Runners or something and suddenly you’ve got two Tanks extra :smile:


I know everyone has been down on the latest AI update, and for some reasons. However, the new tank behavior is a definite upgrade. I had one come charging into a battle against a Harvester. He was not even close, but something let him know we were killing the harvester. Maybe there was a seeker sounding the alarm nearby? Whatever, he came charging in with his guns blazing. It was exactly what those monsters should be doing.