Tanks in open terrain ... help!

I’ve been killed more often by Dogs than everything else put together. As for Tanks, they used to be fairly predictable and you could confuse them, but they will now find their way up nearly anything and rush after you! And if the DEVs work out how to give ticks the ability of deflection in their jumps, @tene and his lads will die a lot more often. Tanks are getting harder…

Maybe but i’d likely find a way around any new AI/abilities in a day or two @Bootie already did that with the sprinting tanks :wink:

I have this tactic for fighting tanks in open areas, DONT! Run, scream and throw flares / fireworks everywhere in panic. Stop when you find place to hide, preferred inside any bathroom. (and hope you dont run into Moomin house, then you are totally screwed) :smiley:


Yeah, you do that. And hope you don’t end up like the guy in Jurassic Park :skull_and_crossbones:


Mines! Mines are your friend when being chased. Love to hear the boom somewhere behind me - preferably far behind me…

How does that work? Do you just drop them while running? I tried mines once against tanks at the mills, but nothing happened. They just walked right over them :confused:

Shouldn’t do! I use mines to protect my flanks when I am fighting in a confined space with a second access I can’t easily cover - um, thinks. Oh, that miserable Naval base with the railways running past the safe house (a Portakabin inside the tunnel entrance). If you go outside, there’s a tank and innumerable Hunters. Well, if you fight from the entrance (tripping over the rails all the time), they get behind you through the side entrance. A curtain of mines behind you gives you warning, since they go bang loudly, and if they are not used then you can usually (not always) pick them up again.

Secondly, if you run away down a road or track from, say, a Hunter patrol, then you drop them as you run, which at least takes out the first couple. They are about as powerful as a grenade, so, two to a Hunter. If he’s just run over one, then a short burst to the centre of mass will finish him off. Like I said, your friend. Tanks should explode them, but I’ve never been chased by a Tank I couldn’t hide from.

Oh yes, fighting upstairs in a barn, a Hunter always manages to teleport inside, so I drop a mine at the top of the stairs, that way I get a warning that he’s come in and a short burst will kill him.

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Mines are fantastic when you’re being chased by Hunters. Find a chokepoint, like around the corner of a house or a gate or opening in a fence, and put a couple mines there. Hunter rounds the corner and BOOM :boom:


Circle. Run circles around them 75-100 feet away from them. Let them fire their machine guns, which will mostly miss if you are sprinting, then stop, drop a couple rounds at the machine gun, and sprint again. I always circle to the machine’s left, which minimizes the amount of time you are exposed to the machine guns.

Even if there are 2 of them, circling one works well. The other will have the same problems targeting you, and will shoot the one you are circling a couple times each circle. At the closest and furthest point, they will hit each other. Attached is a helpful drawing done by a two-year old. At the two points where the player is shown the tanks will be damaging each other.


Judging from the drawing, I have an idea your two-year-old is better at this game that I am…

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Consolidated strategy tips for taking down tanks in all terrains, for all classes up to Apoc and all weapon combinations. Requires Granatgevär with EMP grenades.


  • Shoot off the tick pod from a distance with hunting rifle or PVG - take cover if spotted
  • Equip Grenade launcher (w. EMP grenades) in W1, and SMG or AR in W2
  • Disable tank with EMP grenade, and shoot off machine gun (or railgun) with SMG or AR - might require 1-3 grenades, depending on tank type
  • Strafe around, and shoot off grenade launcher with SMG or AR
  • Finish him off with SMG or AR (and possibly HEDP grenades if desired)

Different terrain and possibilities for cover might reduce your expenditure of EMP grenades.
Or just use EXP PVG from a distance - takes around 2 mags for Apoc Tank.

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With that… there are usually dips and ditches in the terrain that you can peek out of and snipe from