The art of Simon Stålenhag


Personally I feel like it’s a mix of both, as the Game’s main theme sounds a lot like the original terminator theme, and it takes quite a few elements from tales from the loop. I feel like it may be kind of polite of avalanche if they at least admitted to taking some inspiration from Simon. As Simon said; “Borrowing, referencing, and modifying other artist’s work is a very important part of art.”
Simon also said he was fine with the team taking some inspiration from him, but the problem he had was this; “The minimally decent thing to do would have been to at least acknowledge the similarities when pointed out.”
I feel like avalanche should admit to the similarities if they haven’t done so already, as I think it would be rather polite.


Never heard of Tales from the Loop. I checked it out on IMDB and found nothing about it.

What is it about?


It’s an upcoming Amazon Prime series that is still being worked on. :slight_smile:


If you’re the role-playing type (as in, a bunch of people telling a story together, not sex, not a videogame with stats), you might also enjoy the Tales from the Loop RPG.


I’m not sure whether in Sweden, you’d be answerable to your shareholders if you as much as gave the impression of needlessly volunteering something that could be construed as the basis of a lawsuit. So I always figured they were cautious on that count.

It would’ve been kinda nice though if they’d talked beforehand and TftL had a little note to the effect of, “Enjoyed this? You may also enjoy the TOTALLY UNRELATED™ video game Generation Zero.”, and GZ had a little note saying, “Enjoyed this? You may also enjoy the TOTALLY UNRELATED pen-and-paper RPG, Tales from the Loop.”