The Reasons Behind the GZ slow update progress


I Saw the “meet the devs” , but does anyone know the exact current number of people working on the game?


Around 30-40.

Or if you want to know exact number, count the people you see on Credits screen.


You are right, usually i skip the credits so i forgot about that, but even so, some employees might have moved on to other projects (like Second Extinction) or even no longer work in the same Company.


I think the real question is, how big is the team working on the DLC :slight_smile:


This is not to bash the developers and i don´t intend to promote hate over here, but what i don´t understand is that if the team has almost 30 people why do they take so much time to deliver the patches?
I might be wrong but the size of Hello Games No man´s sky team is almost the same, and they usually have at least 2 patches per month, even with the latest developments ( covid19).
Just looking for a rational explanation like :

  • Many are working on other projects
  • Most are on vacation
  • Underfunded and undermanned
  • Management issues


I get your frustration mate, genuinely I do. As a business development manager in the real world - these delays would not be acceptable, and I would be offering my customers some form of compensation once rectified, and the issues were resolved.

The pressure on Monday at camp Avalanche will be in the air. The 2 weeks break in July - means some of the team will be stressing over the weekend because of the pressure, some may have been ruined their holidays because of a comment they may have read about the game and the delays. Some may have even been working in secret to try and bump start it when they get back…we just don’t know.

If Pontus goes live on the 19th August - and it’s not dropped to console it’s gonna be a long tough stream. We will be almost 2 MONTHS behind PC release - and the magic will have been lost.

Second Extinction, which was confirmed during a dev live stream with TheDoc & Laura confirmed that they have their own dedicated team. I also had my concerns about GenZ being watered down.

Let me end with taking you back to Alias DJA in 2019 - I had a particular thorn in my side about the Fashionista Achievement. I whined for several months, tried to figure out the how, and the why, offline games, online syncs…:when the reality was you just gotta be patient.

To think, that was nearly a year ago.


Your question has been answered for and that’s enough to conclude this topic. However, if you’re going to expand the topic further by ranting then you need to change the topic title.

So, which one it is going to be? :thinking: Topic closure or topic title change to better reflect the frustration in it?


I´m not frustrated, it´s been 4 months without any patches, there are other games, other things to do, people to be with, just wanted to understand the real reasons behind this and compare them with other similar and real cases.
I believe the changed tittle and category fits better now.


Not really frustrated, i just stopped playing it, will came back later when it´s stable again, but good to know there is no interference from Second Extinction.
Although i´m afraid the magic is already lost.
They probably lost many “costumers”, too many bumps in the road, and a new big hole since April, brought some trouble, some people will be back, but won´t be the same, future DLC might be in danger, the future will tell.


Why would you compare Systemic Reaction to other studios and their way of handling games?
Is it really worthwhile comparing apples to oranges? :thinking:

However, to give you the reason, listen what was said about it in the latest dev stream. It was actually pretty well explained, at 00:12:15,


By comparing we can analyze better the data, and maybe reach some conclusions, what works and what does not.
By comparing you can understand why an apple is so different from an orange, but at the same time understand why they are both edible, water-rich fruits and sweet :wink:


Yeah maybe. We have to understand that each situation is different. So one thing may effect other devs a certain way, and s different way for other devs. That is because they are people. It is really unfortunate that the console version was delayed. I play on pc my self so it has not affected me, but i can put myself somewhat in your guy’s shoes. And I think and Hope that once they can get back into their better workplace with less stress that may be created by a Covid, they can get back into the grooves of things.I hope you guys get the patch soon.


A thing to add: console players aren’t the only ones who have suffered. Back in the early days, after an April '19 patch, GZ flat-out, did not work at all on any Win 7 and Win 8 PCs. It took devs 2 weeks to fix that issue.


2 weeks are not 4 months…
And if you talk about the past there were other issues that all folks suffered, like the constant crashes on all platforms for example which have decreased a LOT since January. (They did a good job there but took many months) .


I’d take 4 months of actually being able to play the game any day over the 2 weeks where game flat-out crashed every time you tried to run it.


Well it´s frustrating to play during 2 weeks with constant crashes, but in the end the result is the same, you stop playing, so stop playing for 3 months is worse than for 2 weeks.


You have a choice if to play the game within the 4 months or not (free will). I didn’t have any choice during those 2 weeks. There is a difference.


Why didn´t you had free will? Were you a paid tester or something?


Like i said, April '19 update messed up the game for all Win 7 and Win 8 PCs. Launching the game = game crash. With that, there was no choice between “i want to play” or “i don’t want to play”. The only state was: “you can not play”.


Ah right…a temporal limited impossibility to play, in that you are right, when for the past 4 months is more of a comfort difficulty issue that induces frustration or lack of interest after some time.