The Reasons Behind the GZ slow update progress


Yes, and that’s why i said that i’d take the ability to play any day of the week over inability to play at all.
Or in other words: “50% of something is better than 100% of nothing”.


Don’t forget about the patch that made fireworks crash the game. Or the one that made explosive weapons all but useless. It’s been an… Interesting journey, so far. I’m pretty chill about it though, this is hardly the only game that I play, nor the only one with quirks.

The slow updates during this summer are basically boiling down to Covid-19, vacation times and complications with releasing content for console platforms. It’s a shame it’s all happening at once which stretches out the release of DLC content, but what can you do. We’ve got to be patient.


hey i think you guys the DEVS are doing a great job. in this time keeping all platforms working. i am on ps4 and do not have any glitches. pc maybe a microsoft or windows problem. keep up the great work.


Doesn’t sound like anything has changed since April ‘fools’ update. I was considering buying the 2nd expansion, but the reviews here, other forums & on Steam I don’t see a need.

I’ll check back in a few months to see if anything changed.


Just to give you one more “review”, SunCrusher - I stopped playing last year around october (after 60h in) since the game had some issues i could not get around. I recently started fresh with a new character (somewhere in july i think) and i am having a blast! Solo and co-op are very fun and solid experiences now. I am on PC and can recommend the game now! Do not expect perfect, but expect much, much much better! The FNIX content is also good fun! I am playing sneaky-ish with Hacking and am lvl 24 now - good amount of weapons and mods found as well as plenty of ammo (using scavenger since lvl 15 roughly) and mostly enough first aid unless i go RAMBO once in a while :wink: which is good fun as well!

Hope this gives you hope and maybe even another reason to check the game out again!

All the best,


@SunCrusher The game is perfectly fine since January when they fixed most of the crashes, and it´s even better now on PC.
Now if you play the game on a console… it was fine until April, we are still waiting for the fix.