The truck escort mission has disappeared from the map and is no longer available to complete

I’m on PC. I tried to play the escort truck mission and it crahsed so much I couldnt play it. Now the game supposedly has had a fix for that, but the escort mission does not appear on the map even when I use the filters. I am unable to progress through the main missions without it. WTF guys?

Did you select the mission in your mission log as active?

Yes. It is on as active. When i go to find it in filters it takes me to another available main quest, but the truck mission is nowhere to be found on the map at all.

You say you already started the mission before. I read long ago that for some people the truck is sitting somewhere down the route that Calle has to take. If you know the route, you might walk the route on foot and check if not somewhere the truck is parked. If so interact with it and hopefully you be able to finish it.

Thank you!!! That did it. I went to the ring fort and the marker showed up so i could get to the truck. Finished the mission no problem. Thank you so much again!

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